Cruz Calls for Criminal Investigation Into Twitter Over Alleged Iranian Sanction Violations

North Korea Accuses U.S. of Hurting Its Image With Cyber Threat Warning

Israel-Iran Attacks: ‘Cyber Winter Is Coming’

Anonymous Says It’ll ‘Expose’ Minneapolis Police, Website Hacked

UK Government Launches Funding Program to Boost Security of IoT Market

‘Hack-For-Hire’ Firms Spoof WHO To Target Google Credentials

As States Reopen, the Boss Wants to Know What You’re Up To This Weekend

Google’s New Tool Lets You See a Two Metre Social Distancing Gap With AR

Krebs Career Choice Tip: Cybercrime is Mostly Boring

The University of Texas at San Antonio to Create Cybersecurity Innovation Institute

Alabama Seniors Offered Free Cybersecurity Courses

Office 365 to Give Detailed Info on Malicious Email Attachments

List of Well-Known Web Sites That Port Scan Their Visitors

ACLU Sues Clearview AI Over Faceprint Collection, Sale

Hacker Leaks Database of Dark Web Hosting Provider
Big Footy Data Breach Exposed Private Details of up to 100,000 Users

Amtrak Resets User Passwords After Guest Rewards Data Breach

Unemployment Fraud Hits North Olympic Peninsula (WA) Residents

Warning to Parents After Cyber Criminals Attack Bristol (UK) School Website

Ransomware Attack Targets Nipissing First Nation (Ontario)

REvil Hackers ‘Hold Second Us Firm to Ransom’

Highly-Targeted Steganography Attacks on Industrial Sector Hide Malicious Powershell Scripts in Images

‘Hackers Burned My Hand With Cryptojacking Computer Virus’

Smart Car Source Code Leak May Compromise Customer Safety

Google Just Gave Millions Of Users A Reason To Quit Chrome

Critical ‘Sign in with Apple’ Bug Could Have Let Attackers Hijack Anyone’s Account

New Noise-Resilient Attack On Intel and AMD CPUs Makes Flush-based Attacks Effective

Snake Ransomware Slithers Into the Light

Nworm: Trickbot Gang’s New Stealthy Malware Spreading Module

Any Mitron (Viral TikTok Clone) Profile Can Be Hacked in Seconds

Utah Tech CEO Jailed for Possessing Thousands of Files Depicting Child Sexual Abuse

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