Experts Warn Mail-In Voting Misinformation Could Threaten Elections

Google Bans Ads Linking to Hacked Political Content

Iranian Hacker Group ‘Oilrig’ Becomes First Known APT to Weaponize DNS-Over-HTTPS (DoH)

NSA Warns Cellphone Location Data Could Pose National-Security Threat

Florida Teen Pleads Not Guilty to Masterminding Twitter Hack

Cyber Chiefs Watch Their People for Burnout as Pandemic Rolls On

Microsoft Goes Big in Security Bug Bounties: Its $13.7m Is Double Google’s 2019 Payouts

Firefox Adds Protections Against Redirect Tracking
British Dental Association Members Targeted by Hackers

Regis Healthcare Targeted in Cyber Attack

Summit Medical Associates Provides Notice of a Data Breach

Lafayette, Colorado Pays $45,000 Ransom After Cyber-Attack

Bug on Facebook Plugin Lets Hackers Hijack WordPress Sites’ Chat

Vulnerable Perimeter Devices: A Huge Attack Surface

Networks Exposed to Attacks Due to Windows 7 End of Life

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