Israel Says It Thwarted Foreign Cyber Attack on Defence Industry

Pakistani Intelligence Agencies Identify Major Cyber Attack by India

Federal Agency Warns ‘Malicious Cyber Actor’ Targeting Coronavirus Small Business Loan Program

NHS Hit With Wave of Scam Emails at Height of COVID-19 Pandemic

Twitter Launches Much-Awaited Developer Software After Hack Delay

Incident Response Exercises Not Taken Seriously by Business Leaders

Krebs: Why & Where You Should You Plant Your Flag

These Two Basic Flaws Make It Easy for Hackers to Break Into You Systems
Arnot Health Employees (NY) Potentially Affected by Magellan Health Ransomware Attack

Flintshire Council (UK) Notifies Information Commissioner’s Office Following Data Breach

Rite Aid Pharmacy Thefts Expose Information of 9,200 Patients

Blackbaud Breach Bonanza Continues: May Have Compromised Harvard Affiliates’ Demographic Data

Dharma Ransomware Created a Hacking Toolkit to Make Cybercrime Easy

Windows, IE11 Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Chained in Targeted Attack

Is It Finally The End Of Adobe Flash Player?

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