Taiwan Says China Behind Cyberattacks on Government Agencies, Emails

Oracle Joins Microsoft, Twitter in the Battle for TikTok. Two Traders Place Their Bets.

Trump Gives Nod to Oracle Buyout of TikTok

Just What Would an Enterprise Company Like Microsoft or Oracle Do With TikTok?

U.S. Gov’t Exposes New North Korean BLINDINGCAN Backdoor Malware

Fake News on COVID-19 Government Initatives Boost Phishing in Brazil

The Sounds a Key Make Can Produce 3D-Printed Replica

Krebs: Voice Phishers Targeting Corporate VPNs

NYPD Used Facial Recognition Software During Probe of BLM Leader

Massachusetts Attorney General Creates Unit to Police Data Privacy and Security Abuses

Police and Industry Take Down $42m “Bulletproof Exchange”
‘Millions’ of South Africans’ Personal Info Exposed in Experian Credit Bureau Data Breach

Data Firm Exposes 235 Million Social Media Profiles

Childrens’ Personal Details Hacked in Sutton Park Donkey Sanctuary Cyber-Attack (Birmingham, UK)

Museum of the Cherokee Indian Hit With Cyberattack; All Data Still Intact

FritzFrog Botnet Attacks Millions of SSH Servers

More & More Blackbaud: Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Lucifer Cryptomining DDoS Malware Now Targets Linux Systems

Researchers Warn of Flaw Affecting Millions of IoT Devices

Microsoft Issues Out of Band KB4578013 Windows Security Update

Chrome to Warn Users Completing Suspicious Forms

Tor Project Shares Proposals to Limit DDoS Impact on Onion Sites

WannaRen Ransomware Author Contacts Security Firm to Share Decryption Key

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