Huawei Worked on Facial Recognition System to Surveil Uighurs

China Bans TripAdvisor, Other Apps in Crackdown on Pornography, Improper Content

European Medicines Agency (EMA) Hit by Cyberattack

Hackers Steal Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine Data in Europe, Companies Say

COVID Data Manager Investigated, Raided for Using Publicly Available Password

Russian APT28 Hackers Using COVID-19 as Bait to Deliver Zebrocy Malware

Ransomware Gangs Are Getting Faster at Encrypting Networks

Scammers Create Instagram Click Farm, Leave Their Operation Exposed Online

How to Protect Yourself From Cybercrime When Holiday Shopping Online

How Big Data Turned Into Big Business for Cyber and Privacy Lawyers

Federal Government and 46 States File Antitrust Suit Seeking to Split up Facebook

Al Jazeera Journalist Files Hack and Leak Suit Against Saudi and UAE Crown Princes
SideWinder APT Targets Nepal, Afghanistan in Wide-Ranging Spy Campaign

Molerats APT Cyber-Espionage Campaign Targeting Middle Eastern Politicians

Monroe Surgical Hospital (LA) Reports Possible Data Breach, Notifying Patients

Hackers Redirect Church Website to Satanic Portal Promoting ‘Sex Spells’

Credit Card Stealer Hides in CSS Files of Hacked Online Stores

Qbot Malware Switched to Stealthy New Windows Autostart Method

DHS-CISA Urges Admins to Patch OpenSSL DoS Vulnerability

Adobe Fixes Critical Security Vulnerabilities in Lightroom, Prelude

Microsoft Fixes New Windows Kerberos Security Bug in Staged Rollout

Krebs: Patch Tuesday, Good Riddance 2020 Edition

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