Krebs: SolarWinds Hack Could Affect 18K Customers

Including Pentagon, State Department

Hackers Turned SolarWinds’ Dominance Against It

Shows Cyber Dangers to Supply Chains

White House: U.S. Taking Any Necessary Steps in Wake of Cyber Attack

Microsoft to Quarantine Compromised SolarWinds Binaries Tomorrow

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Documents Accessed in EMA Cyberattack

Facebook Lifts Political Ad Ban for Georgia Runoffs

Gmail Hit by a Second Outage Within a Single Day

Twitter Fined ~$550k Over a Data Breach in Ireland’s First Major GDPR Decision

The Private Sector Needs a Cybersecurity Transformation

The Best Cybersecurity Predictions For 2021 Roundup
Millions of Unpatched IoT, OT Devices Threaten Critical Infrastructure

Beware Christmas Parcel Delivery Scams, Banks Warn

How Hackers Are Trying to Use QR Codes as an Entry Point for Cyber Attacks

Ransomware Masterminds Claim to Have 53GB of Data From Intel’s Habana Labs

Banking Vendor American Bank Systems (ABS) Targeted in Cyber Attack

New Windows Trojan PyMICROPSIA May Soon Target Linux, MacOS Devices

Gitpaste-12 Worm Widens Set of Exploits in New Attacks

Agent Tesla Keylogger Gets Data Theft and Targeting Update

45 Million Medical Images Left Exposed Online

Easy WP SMTP Security Bug Can Reveal Admin Credentials

Firefox Patches Critical Mystery Bug, Also Impacting Google Chrome

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