U.S. Cyber-Attack: Around 50 Firms ‘Genuinely Impacted’ by Massive Breach

Russia ‘Clearly’ Behind SolarWinds Operation, Says Pompeo

Romney Calls for Response ‘of Like Magnitude or Greater’ to Russia Hack

Christopher Krebs Says U.S. Should Be ‘Cautious’ About Escalating Cyber War With Russia

‘Powerful Tradecraft’: How Foreign Cyber-Spies Compromised America

Krebs: VMware Flaw a Vector in SolarWinds Breach?

Second Hacking Team Was Targeting SolarWinds at Time of Big Breach

Hackers’ Broad Attack Sets Cyber Experts Worldwide Scrambling to Defend Networks

Cloudflare CEO Says ‘Zero-Trust Architecture’ Is an Answer to U.S. Government Breach

Alibaba Facial Recognition Tech Picks Out Uyghur Minorities

Cloud is King: 9 Software Security Trends to Watch in 2021

Europol Launches New Decryption Platform for Law Enforcement
Unsecured Azure Blob Exposed 500k+ Highly Confidential Docs From UK Firm’s CRM Customers

A Facebook Bug Exposed Instagram Users’ Personal Email Addresses and Birthdays

Google Blames Gmail, YouTube Outage on Error in User ID System

Bouncy Castle Bug Puts Bcrypt Passwords at Risk

Flavors Designer Symrise Halts Production After Clop Ransomware Attack

Greater Baltimore Medical Center Systems Nurse: Hospital ‘Crippled’ by December Ransomware Cyberattack

Stealthy Magecart Malware Mistakenly Leaks List of Hacked Stores

Firefox to Ship ‘Network Partitioning’ as a New Anti-Tracking Defense

Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla Ban Kazakhstan’s MitM HTTPS Certificate

Cloud is King: 9 Software Security Trends to Watch in 2021

Port of Los Angeles Plans Cyber Intelligence Facility as Maritime Threats Grow

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