Biden Says Huge Data Breach Poses ‘Grave Risk’ to U.S., Promises Response

Campaign Says Twitter Will Wipe POTUS Account’s Followers

European Medicines Regulator Says Cyberattack Limited to One It Application

FBI Warns of Ongoing COVID-19 Vaccine Related Fraud Schemes

Phishers Spoof New York Department of Labor

How U.K. Racing Team McLaren Almost Got Phished

Police Seize Safe-Inet VPN Service Beloved by Cyber-criminals

Signal: Cellebrite Claimed to Have Cracked Chat App’s Encryption
Joker’s Stash Carding Site Taken Down

Roanoke College (VA) Delays Spring Semester After Cyberattack

Nintendo Has Reportedly Suffered Another Major Data Leak, Now Related to Switch

Tennessee Medicaid Plan’s Vendor Mails PHI to Wrong Members, Exposes 3,300

University of Vermont Medical Center Finally Admits It Was Victim of Ransomware

Holiday German Shepherd Puppy Swindle Has Consumers Howling

Robinhood User Says $300,000 Restored From Hack, Then Taken Back

Emotet Campaign Restarts After Seven-Week Hiatus

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