China’s Move to Regulate Its Tech Giants Is Part of Its Bigger Push to Become a Tech ‘Superpower’

SolarWinds Hackers Linked to Known Russian Spying Tools Used by Turla APT, Investigators Say

FBI Probes Russian-Linked Postcard Sent to FireEye CEO After Cybersecurity Firm Uncovered Hack

U.S. Announces Controversial State Department Cyber-Bureau

Researcher Builds Parler Archive Amid Amazon Suspension

Over 100,000 UN Employee Records Accessed by Researchers

DarkSide Ransomware Decryptor Recovers Victims’ Files for Free

Aliens and UFOs: A Final Frontier for Social Engineers

Thou Shalt Not Hack Indiscriminately, High Court of England Tells Britain’s Spy Agencies

Cybersecurity Insurance Has a Big Problem
Millions of Social Profiles Leaked by Chinese Data-Scrapers

Ubiquiti: Change Your Password, Enable 2FA (Krebs)

Finland Staffing Firm Eilakaisla Hit by Cyber-Attack, Jobseeker and Employee Data Possibly Compromised

Aquaculture Equipment Company Akva Hit by Cyber-Attack

University Medical Center- New Orleans: Patient Info May Have Been Leaked in LSU HCSD Data Breach

Mac Malware Uses ‘Run-Only’ AppleScripts to Evade Analysis

Typeform Fixes Zendesk Sell Form Data Hijacking Vulnerability

Microsoft Releases Linux Endpoint Detection and Response Features

Microsoft Sysmon Now Detects Malware Process Tampering Attempts

Windows 10 Hardware Security Enabled by Default on New Surface PC

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