China A.I. Firms and Huawei Filed to Patent Technology That Could Identify Uighur Muslims

Xiaomi Denies Any Ties With Chinese Military

How Law Enforcement Gets Around Your Smartphone’s Encryption

UK Accidentally Deletes 150k Arrest Records

New Coalition Aims to Combat Growing Wave of Ransomware Attacks

Iconic BugTraq Security Mailing List Shuts Down After 27 Years

Joker’s Stash, The Largest Carding Marketplace, Announces Shutdown

WhatsApp Delays Controversial Privacy Update

Google Boots 164 Apps From Play Marketplace for Shady Ad Practices

Teens Have Never Known a World Without Data Sharing, and It’s Creating a False Sense of Security

Privacy-Focused Search Engine DuckDuckGo Grew by 62% in 2020
Hackers Leaked Altered Pfizer Data to Sabotage Trust in Vaccines

Hackers Leak Trucker, Rail Worker Medical Records From UPS, Norfolk Southern

Scotland Environmental Regulator Hit by ‘Ongoing’ Ransomware Attack

Exclusive Wentworth Golf Club Hacked

India Seizes Bitcoins Worth $1.2 Million From Hacker of Gov’t Website and Crypto Exchanges

Undisclosed Apache Velocity XSS Vulnerability Impacts GOV Sites

Windows Finger Command Abused by Phishing to Download Malware

Windows 10 Bug Causes a BSOD Crash When Opening a Certain Path

Microsoft Implements Windows Zerologon Flaw ‘Enforcement Mode’

Apple Kills MacOS Feature Allowing Apps to Bypass Firewalls

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