Woman May Have Tried to Sell Pelosi Computer Device to Russians, FBI Says

FBI Warns of Vishing Attacks Stealing Corporate Accounts

UK Police Warn of Sextortion Attempts in Intimate Online Dating Chats

Scottish Environment Protection Agency Refuses to Pay Ransomware Crooks Over 1.2GB of Stolen Data

Google Cloud: We Do Use Some SolarWinds, but We Weren’t Affected by Mega Hack

SolarWinds Hack Is Quickly Reshaping Congress’s Cybersecurity Agenda

No U.S. Trial for Irish Hacker
OpenWRT Reports Data Breach After Hacker Gained Access to Forum Admin Account

IObit Forums Hacked in Widespread DeroHE Ransomware Attack

Hackers Are Selling Depop App Account Details on the Dark Web for Cheap

Stolen Employee Credentials Put Leading Gaming Companies at Risk of Severe Cyber Attacks

Microsoft Defender to Enable Full Auto-Remediation by Default

More on Joker’s Stash’s End (Krebs)

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