SolarWinds Hackers Studied Microsoft Source Code for Authentication and Email

White House Now Says 100 Companies Hit by SolarWinds Hack, but More May Be Impacted

Senate Intelligence Panel to Hold Hearing on SolarWinds Breach Next Week

Congress Faces News Showdown With Facebook, Google

States Push Internet Privacy Rules in Lieu of Federal Standards 

Op-Ed: Hackers Are Targeting COVID-19 Vaccinations. Here’s How to Stop Them

FBI: Telephony Denial-of-Service Attacks Can Lead to Loss of Lives

Apple Adds ‘BlastDoor’ Security Feature to Fight iMessage Hacks

Apple Outlines 2021 Security, Privacy Roadmap

IBM Explores Sale of IBM Watson Health

Software Firm Owner Admits Fraud and CSAM Possession

U.S. Jails Celebrated Nigerian Entrepreneur for Cyber-Fraud
RIPE NCC Internet Registry Discloses SSO Credential Stuffing Attack

34,000 Patients Potentially Impacted by Grand River Medical Group (IA) Data Breach

California DMV Halts Data Transfers After Vendor Breach (AFTS)

Cryptopia Got Hacked While in Liquidation Due to a Hack

‘Secure’ Daycare Video Monitoring Product Beamed DVR Admin Creds to All Users

Hackers Abuse Google Apps Script to Steal Credit Cards, Bypass CSP

Half of Apps Contain at Least One Serious Exploitable Vulnerability

Mac Malware Targets Apple’s In-House M1 Processor

U.S. Shares Info on North Korean Malware Used to Steal Cryptocurrency

SDK Bug Lets Attackers Spy on User’s Video Calls Across Dating, Healthcare Apps

Exploit Details Emerge for Unpatched Microsoft Bug

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