Biden Calls for Creating ‘Rules’ on Cyber, Tech to Combat China and Russia Threats

Krebs: Mexican Politician Removed Over Alleged Ties to Romanian ATM Skimmer Gang

Northern Ireland Customers Warned Over ‘Royal Mail’ Scam Messages

Google Alerts Abused to Push Fake Adobe Flash Updater

CIS Now Offers Free Ransomware Protection to All U.S. Hospitals

Microsoft Edge Is Crowdsourcing Whether to Show Notification Prompts

SonicWall Releases Additional Update for SMA 100 Vulnerability

Tim Berners-Lee Says Australian Law Would Make Internet ‘Unworkable’

EU Decision Frees U.K. to Handle Europeans’ Personal Data

Kaspersky: Decline in DDoS Attacks Linked to Surge in Cryptocurrency Value

Crypto Price Surge Invites a Torrent of Crypto Crime

Tech Industry Is Looking to Replace the Smartphone — What Will Apple Come up With?
Hungary Says Vaccine Registration Website Under Cyber Attack

Kroger Data Breach Exposes Pharmacy and Employee Data (Accellion Vuln)

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Certification Giant Hit by Ransomware

More U.S. Cities Disclose Data Breaches after AFTS’s Ransomware Attack

Yuba County (CA) Focuses on Recovery After Ransomware Attack

Kia Denies Ransomware Attack

Parents Alerted to NurseryCam Security Breach

New Hack Lets Attackers Bypass MasterCard PIN by Using Them As Visa Card

New Silver Sparrow Malware Found on 30,000 Macs Has Security Pros Stumped

Privacy Bug in Brave Browser Exposes Dark-Web Browsing History of Its Users

Recently Fixed Windows Zero-Day Actively Exploited Since Mid-2020

Chrome for iOS Will Let You Lock Incognito Mode With Face ID

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