China’s Message to America: We’re an Equal Now

Intel Assessment Warns Of Increasing Threats From China, Russia

Government Agencies Must Update Microsoft Exchange as Feds Warn Of ‘Unacceptable’ Cybersecurity Risk

Gmail ‘Safer Than Parliament’s Email System’ Says Tory MP

SolarWinds Says Dealing With Hack Fallout Cost at Least $18 Million

Experts See ‘Unprecedented’ Increase In Hackers Targeting Electric Grid

Tax Phish Swims Past Google Workspace Email Security

Cybersecurity: Victims Are Spotting Cyber Attacks Much More Quickly, but There’s a Catch

Samsung’s New Galaxy Quantum 2 Uses Quantum Cryptography to Secure Apps

Adobe Patches Slew of Critical Security Bugs in Bridge, Photoshop

Microsoft April 2021 Patch Tuesday Fixes 108 Flaws, 5 Zero-Days
Cyber-Attack Shutters Half of Tasmania’s Casinos

Risk Startup LogicGate Confirms Data Breach

Illinois Attorney General Investigates Hack of Office’s Computer System

University of Portsmouth Closes Campus Due to ‘Ransomware Attack’ on It Services Causing ‘Ongoing Disruption’

Ransomware Attacks Hit IT System at Tallaght Campus

QBot Malware Is Back Replacing IcedID in Malspam Campaigns

New Linux, macOS Malware Hidden In Fake Browserify NPM Package

How the NAME:WRECK Bugs Impact Consumers, Businesses

Capcom: Ransomware Gang Used Old VPN Device to Breach the Network

Chrome Zero-Day Exploit Posted on Twitter

Microsoft Edge Too

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