Colonial Pipeline Restarts Operations After Cyberattack

No Plans to Pay Ransom for Files

Biden Signs Executive Order to Strengthen U.S. Cybersecurity Defenses after Pipeline Hack

Hacker Group DarkSide Claims It Has Three New Victims

Researchers Track Down Five Affiliates of DarkSide Ransomware Service

UK Foreign Secretary Issues Warning to Russia on Ransomware

Global Cybersecurity Leaders Say They Feel Unprepared For Attack

As Ransomware Proliferates, Insuring for It Becomes Costly and Questioned

Researchers Flag e-Voting Security Flaws

Telegram Fraudsters Ramp Up Forged COVID-19 Vaccine Card Sales
Microsoft: Threat Actors Target Aviation Orgs With New Malware

Trust Wallet, MetaMask Crypto Wallets Targeted by New Support Scam

BabyChakra Data Vulnerability: Personal Information of Millions of Parents Exposed

Alaska Courts Restore Email, Lack Answers on Cyber Attack

Apple’s Find My Network Can Be Abused to Leak Secrets to the via Passing Devices

‘FragAttacks’: Wi-Fi Bugs Affect Millions of Devices

Microsoft Fixes WSUS Bug Blocking May Windows Security Updates

Microsoft’s New Project Ports Linux eBPF to Windows 10, Server

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