Social Media, News Sites Including CNN, New York Times Hit by Outage

What Is Fastly and Why Did It Just Take a Bunch of Major Websites Offline?

The FBI Secretly Ran the Anom Messaging Platform, Yielding Hundreds of Arrests in Global Sting

Trojan Shield: How the FBI Secretly Ran a Phone Network for Criminals

FBI Sold Phones to Organized Crime and Read 27 Million “Encrypted” Messages

Colonial Pipeline Boss ‘Deeply Sorry’ for Cyber Attack

European Energy Sector Prepares for New Cybersecurity Rules

Krebs: Justice Dept. Claws Back $2.3M Paid by Colonial Pipeline to Ransomware Gang

The FBI Likely Exploited Sloppy Password Storage to Seize Colonial Pipeline Bitcoin Ransom

IRS Is Investigating Release of Tax Information of Wealthy Americans

Five Key Parts of the Senate’s Sweeping China Competitiveness Bill

Apple’s New Privacy Feature, Designed to Mask Users’ Internet Browsing, Won’t Be Available In China
Computer Memory Maker ADATA Hit by Ragnar Locker Ransomware

Capitol Hill Vendor Hit by Ransomware Attack

County of Lambton (ON) Restoring It Systems Following Cyber Attack

Lewd Phishing Lures Aimed at Business Explode

U.S. Brokerage Firms Warned of Ongoing Phishing With Penalty Threats

Why the Hybrid Workplace Is a Cybersecurity Nightmare

Windows 10 Targeted by PuzzleMaker Hackers Using Chrome Zero-Days

Microsoft Office MSGraph Vulnerability Could Lead to Code Execution

Google Patches Critical Android RCE Bug

Intel Fixes 73 Vulnerabilities in June 2021 Platform Update

Adobe Issues Security Updates for 41 Vulnerabilities in 10 Products

Krebs: Microsoft Patches Six Zero-Day Security Holes

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