U.S. Launches Task Force to Open Government Data for AI Research

Bipartisan Senators Introduce Bill to Protect Small Businesses From Cyberattacks

State Department Urges Nigeria to Reverse Twitter Ban

When Ransomware Strikes, DigitalMint Helps Victims Make Bitcoin Payments

Hacking Bitcoin Wallets With Quantum Computers Could Happen – Cryptographers Hope to Stop

Slilpp, the Largest Stolen Logins Market, Seized by Law Enforcement

The Workforce Shortage in Cybersecurity Is a Myth

Texas to Publish Data Breach Notifications

Amazon Faces Possible $425 Million EU Privacy Fine
Hackers Breach Electronic Arts (EA), Stealing Game Source Code and Tools

Foodservice Supplier Edward Don Hit by a Ransomware Attack

Skinners’ Kent Academy and Skinners’ Kent Primary School Hit With Ransomware

Internal Data From Breach Circulating Online -CD Projekt

Steam Gaming Platform Hosting Malware

New APT ‘BackdoorDiplomacy’ Targets African, Middle East Diplomats

‘Fancy Lazarus’ Cyberattackers Ramp up Ransom DDoS Efforts

Hackers Can Exploit Bugs in Samsung Pre-Installed Apps to Spy on Users

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