JBS Paid $11 Million to Resolve Ransomware Attack

DarkSide Pwned Colonial With Old VPN Password

Crowdstrike CEO on the Evolution of Ransomware: ‘It’s Become Big Game Hunting’

Ransomware Is Now A National Security Risk

Biden Revokes and Replaces Trump Executive Orders That Banned TikTok & WeChat

Huawei Flings Open the Doors of Its Third Privacy and Security Transparency Centre

Italy to Set Up Cybersecurity Agency Ahead of National Cloud Plan – Draft

FBI Warns of BEC Scammers Impersonating Construction Companies

What Hackers Can Learn About You From Your Social-Media Profile
Spain’s Ministry of Labor and Social Economy Hit by Cyberattack

Russian Spear Phishing Campaign Hits Ukraine

Union Community Schooks (IA) Investigating Cyber Attack, Unauthorized Access to Data

Stealthy Gelsemium Cyberspies Linked to NoxPlayer Supply-Chain Attack

New TLS Attack ‘ALPACA’ Lets Attackers Launch Cross-Protocol Attacks Against Secure Sites

Crypto-Mining Attacks Targeting Kubernetes Clusters via Kubeflow Instances

Google Fixes Sixth Chrome Zero-Day Exploited in the Wild This Year

GitHub Now Scans for Accidentally-Exposed PyPI, RubyGems Secrets

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