Biden Is Worried About Cybersecurity. Japan Says Watch Cartoons.

Amid Big Hacks, U.S. Spy Agency Touts Collaboration Center with Private Industry

Average Time to Fix Critical Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities Is 205 Days

SEC Still Digging Into SolarWinds Fallout, Nudges Undeclared Victims

A Week After Arrests, Cl0p Ransomware Group Dumps New Tranche of Stolen Data

Like ‘Terminator,’ High-Tech Cyber Crime to ‘Keep Coming’

BEC Losses Top $1.8B as Tactics Evolve

Bitcoin Drop Below $30,000 Sparks Fears of Another Crypto Winter — Here’s Why Bulls Aren’t Worried

Google Faces EU Antitrust Probe of Alleged Ad-Tech Abuses

Six Flags to Pay $36M Over Collection of Fingerprints

French Teens on Trial for Cyber-bullying

Kids’ Apps on Google Play Rife with Privacy Violations

Brave Launches Its Privacy-Focused No-Tracking Search Engine
Ransomware Attack Hits a Summit County Water District (UT)

Eastern Wyoming College Systems Down Due to Cyber Attack

Six Oklahoma Casinos Hit by Ransomware

WorkForce West Virginia Notifies Clients of Potential Data Breach

Wolfe Eye Clinic (IA) Reveals Cyber Attack

Cryptominers Slither into Python Projects in Supply-Chain Campaign

Wormable DarkRadiation Ransomware Targets Linux and Docker Instances

Mysterious Ransomware Payment Traced to a Sensual Massage Site

Email Bug Allows Message Snooping, Credential Theft

Zephyr RTOS Fixes Bluetooth Bugs That May Lead to Code Execution

Lexmark Printers Open to Arbitrary Code-Execution Zero-Day

SonicWall Bug That Affected 800k Firewalls Was Only Partially Fixed

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