Spanish Court Approves Extradition of John McAfee to U.S.

Found Dead in Cell

Claimed U.S. Government Wanted to Kill Him

Iran Media Websites Seized by U.S. in Disinformation Campaign

Russian Security Chief Says Moscow Will Work with U.S. To Find Hackers

FBI Asks Congress for $40M to Help Combat Wave of Ransomware Attacks

EU Wants Emergency Team for ‘Nightmare’ Cyber-Attacks

Sepa Cyber Attack Recovery Could Take Years

Krebs: How Cyber Sleuths Cracked an ATM Shimmer Gang

Gaming Industry Experiences 340% Spike in Web App Attacks

Scammer Arrested for Phishing Operation, Sent 25,000 Texts in a Day

Founders of South African Bitcoin Exchange Disappear After $3.6 Billion ‘Hack’
Brazil Medical Firm Fleury Hit by Cyberattack

Tulsa Warns of Data Breach After Conti Ransomware Leaks Police Citations

Mississippi Center for Advanced Medicine Reports Data Breach

Pakistan-Linked Hackers Targeted Indian Power Company With ReverseRat

ChaChi: A New GoLang Trojan Used in Attacks Against U.S. Schools

Clop Ransomware Is Back in Business After Recent Arrests

REvil Ransomware Code Ripped Off by Rivals

Critical Palo Alto Cyber-Defense Bug Allows Remote ‘War Room’ Access

Unpatched Linux Marketplace Bugs Allow Wormable Attacks, Drive-By RCE

VMware Fixes Authentication Bypass in Carbon Black App Control

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