White House Sees Electric Grid as Blueprint for Post-Colonial Pipeline Cyber Push

New Bipartisan Cybersecurity Bill Aims to Attract Top Talent Into Government, Co-Authors Say

Feds Told to Better Manage Facial Recognition, Amid Privacy Concerns

Amazon Requests FTC Chair Recuse Herself From Antitrust Investigations

Facebook Sues Hackers Who Hijacked Advertising Agencies’ Accounts

Krebs: We Infiltrated a Counterfeit Check Ring! Now What?

CISA Releases New Ransomware Self-Assessment Security Audit Tool

What Do Most Companies Think When Hackers Demand Ransom? Time to Pay

Lorenz Ransomware Decryptor Recovers Victims’ Files for Free

Israeli Charged in Global Hacker-for-Hire Scheme Wants Plea Deal

Police Bust $15 Million European Fraud Ring

Analyst Steals Millions by Spoofing Director

SentinelOne Closes up 21% In NYSE Debut as Highest-Valued Cybersecurity IPO Ever
UK Arm of International Charity the Salvation Army Hit by Ransomware Attack

University Medical Center (NV) Hit in Cyberattack, Data Stolen

Indian Tech Startup Exposed Byju’s Student Data

Germany Thwarts Cyberattack, Denies Impact on Banking System

LinkedIn Denies Exposure of 700 Million User Records Is a Data Breach

Penn Foundation Says Ransom Not Paid in Cyber Attack; No Indication PII Misused

Indexsinas SMB Worm Campaign Infests Whole Enterprises

Leaked Babuk Locker Ransomware Builder Used in New Attacks

PoC Exploit Circulating for Critical Windows Print Spooler Bug

Microsoft Finds Netgear Router Bugs Enabling Corporate Breaches

Major Linux RPM Problem Uncovered

Windows 11 Makes TPM Diagnostics Tool Its First Optional Feature

Four in Ten Americans Use Embarrassing Passwords

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