Cybersecurity CEO: Hackers Demanding $70 Million in Global Ransomware Attack Won’t Get That Much

Hackers Reportedly Lower Ransom Demand to Restore Data to $50M

U.S. Warns of Action Against Ransomware Gangs if Russia Refuses

Biden Says Ransomware Attack Caused ‘Minimal Damage’ to U.S. Companies

Cybersecurity in Focus for Companies as Online Threats Surge

Pentagon Scraps JEDI in Win for Amazon at Microsoft’s Expense
RNC Says Contractor Breached in Hack, GOP Data Secure

Russian APT 29 aka ‘Cozy Bear’

Hacker Dumps Private Info of Pro-Trump Gettr Social Network Members

Microsoft Pushes Emergency Update for Windows PrintNightmare Zero-Day

Microsoft 365 to Let SecOps Lock Hacked Active Directory Accounts

Kaspersky Password Manager’s Random Password Generator Was About as Random as Your Wall Clock

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