Hackers Used SolarWinds Zero-Day Bug to Target U.S. Defense Orgs

FCC Finalizes Program to Rip and Replace Huawei, ZTE Telecom Equipment in the U.S.

China Issues Notice on Cyber Security Loophole Management

‘Charming Kitten’ APT Siphons Intel From Mid-East Scholars

REvil Ransomware Gang Websites Disappear From Internet

Cyberattacks and Ransomware: How Can We Protect Our Energy Infrastructure?

Ransomware: Only Half of Organisations Can Effectively Defend Against Attacks

Amazon Rolls Out Encryption for Ring Doorbells

U.S. Indicts Dark Web User ‘the Bull’ for Insider Trading
Oklahoma Heart Hospital Employee Donates Notes With Patient Info to Charity

Patient Information Potentially Accessed in Florida Heart Associates Hack

Unpatched Critical ‘ModiPwn’ RCE Bug Allows Industrial, Utility Takeovers

Critical Flaws Reported in Etherpad — a Popular Google Docs Alternative

Krebs: Microsoft Patch Tuesday, July 2021 Edition

Adobe Patches 11 Critical Bugs in Popular Acrobat PDF Reader

Firefox 90 Adds Enhanced Tracker Blocking to Private Browsing

Facebook Announces Time Bonus Payouts for Bug Hunters

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