China Says Microsoft Hacking Accusations Fabricated by U.S. and Allies

Accuses U.S. of Hacking

Federal Agencies Say Dozens of Pipeline Companies Breached By Chinese Hackers in 2011

On the Pegasus List: Ten Prime Ministers, Three Presidents and a King

FBI: Threat Actors May Be Targeting the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics

Bitcoin Mining Isn’t Nearly as Bad for the Environment as It Used to Be, New Data Shows

Krebs: Spam Kingpin Peter Levashov Gets Time Served

Robinhood Expects $30 Million Fine in Cyber, Money-Laundering Probe of Crypto Arm
Northern Train’s Ticketing System Out to Lunch as Ransomware Attack Shuts Down Servers

Geneva (OH) Hit by New Strain Of Ransomware ‘AvosLocker’

Aruba Notified Customers Regarding a Data Breach After Two Months

MosaicLoader Malware Delivers Facebook Stealers, RATs

Nasty Linux Systemd Security Bug Revealed

Fortinet’s Security Appliances Hit By Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

16-Year-Old HP Printer-Driver Bug Impacts Millions of Windows Machines

DuckDuckGo’s New Email Privacy Service Forwards Tracker-Free Messages

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