Senate Includes Over $1.9 Billion for Cybersecurity in Infrastructure Bill

Amazon Awarded Secret $10B NSA Cloud Computing Contract

Chinese Espionage Group UNC215 Targeted Israeli Government Networks

Tucker Carlson’s Spying Allegations Being Investigated by National Security Agency Watchdog

Mike Lindell’s 2020 Election Symposium Delayed by ‘Hacked’ Livestream

Connected Farms Easy Pickings for Global Food Supply-Chain Hack

An Escalating Threat: How Smart Buildings Can Fall Victim to a Cyber Attack

Main Street Overconfidence: America’s Small Businesses Aren’t Worried About Hacking

Remote Workers Duck Security Rules

Cybercrime Victims Reluctant to Call Cops

Tech-Savvy Teens Falling Prey to Online Scams Faster Than Their Grandparents

Hackers Netting Average of Nearly $10,000 for Stolen Network Access

Boffins Propose Pretty Good Phone Privacy to End Pretty Invasive Location Data Harvesting by Telcos
$600M in Cryptocurrencies Swiped From Poly Network Servers After Security Snafu

Crytek Confirms Egregor Ransomware Attack, Customer Data Theft

Electromed Reveals Data Breach, Offers Identity Theft Protection to Customers

Fraudsters Impersonate DPD in “Convincing” New Smishing Scam

Chaos Malware Walks Line Between Ransomware and Wiper

eCh0raix Ransomware Variant Targets QNAP, Synology NAS Devices

Krebs: Microsoft Patch Tuesday, August 2021 Edition

Microsoft Fixes Windows Print Spooler PrintNightmare Vulnerability

Windows Security Update Blocks PetitPotam NTLM Relay Attacks

Microsoft Revives Deprecated RDCMan After Fixing Security Flaw

Adobe Fixes Critical Preauth Vulnerabilities in Magento

Firefox Adds Enhanced Cookie Clearing, HTTPS by Default in Private Browsing

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