Crypto Hacker Offered Reward After $600m Heist

How Hackers Stole and Returned $600M in Tokens From Poly Network

UN Calls for Moratorium on Sale of Surveillance Tech Like NSO Group’s Pegasus

Krebs: New Anti Anti-Money Laundering Services for Crooks

SynAck Ransomware Releases Decryption Keys After El_Cometa Rebrand

Mysterious Hacker Group Suspected in July Cyberattack on Iranian Trains

Cost of Cyberattacks Significantly Higher for Smaller Healthcare Organizations

App Store Competition Targeted by Bipartisan Senate Bill

Senators Want Answers About Amazon’s Biometric Data Collection

Amazon’s Plan to Track Worker Keystrokes: A Sign of Controls to Come?

Facebook Adds End-to-End Encryption for Audio and Video Calls in Messenger

Microsoft Teams Will Alert Users of Incoming Spam Calls
Hacker Claims to Steal Data of 100 Million T-Mobile Customers

Ford Bug Exposed Customer and Employee Records From Internal Systems

Emails From Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Sale on Data-Trading Forum

Cyberattack Hits Israel’s Bar Ilan University: ‘Data Is Being Erased Right Now’

Memorial Health Systems (OH) Experiences Cyber Attack

U.S. Brokers Warned of Ongoing Phishing Attacks Impersonating FINRA

WordPress Sites Abused in Aggah Spear-Phishing Campaign

Cyberattackers Embrace CAPTCHAs to Hide Phishing, Malware

Hackers Spotted Using Morse Code in Phishing Attacks to Evade Detection

Vice Society Ransomware Joins Ongoing PrintNightmare Attacks

Researchers Find Vulns in Wodify Gym Management Web App Used With CrossFit

Windows 365 Exposes Microsoft Azure Credentials in Plaintext

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