White House Gathers Tech, Education, Banking Leaders for Cyber Meeting

Biden: Cybersecurity Is the ‘Core National Security Challenge’

Google, Microsoft Plan to Spend Billions on Cybersecurity after Meeting with Biden

U.S. Media, Retailers Targeted by New SparklingGoblin APT

FIN8 Cybercrime Gang Backdoors U.S. Orgs with New Sardonic Malware

Krebs: Man Robbed of 16 Bitcoin Sues Young Thieves’ Parents

Drug Dealers Get 27 Years After Police Crack EncroChat Comms

Australia Passes Identify and Disrupt Bill
73,000 Patients’ Data Affected in Ransomware Attack on Singapore Eye Clinic

Atlanta Allergy & Asthma Sends Notice of Healthcare Data Breach to 9,800 Patients

California State University, Chico Data Breach Exposes Student Requests for Vaccine Exemptions

Mirai-Style IoT Botnet Is Now Scanning for Router-Pwning Critical Vuln in Realtek Kit

Critical F5 BIG-IP Bug Impacts Customers in Sensitive Sectors

Ethereum Urges Go Devs to Fix Severe Chain-Split Vulnerability

Microsoft: ProxyShell Bugs “Might Be Exploited,” Patch Servers Now!

Microsoft Will Add Secure Preview for Office 365 Quarantined Emails

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