Why Ransomware Hackers Love a Holiday Weekend

U.S. SEC: Watch Out for Hurricane Ida-Related Investment Scams

Massachusetts Lawmakers to Hold Cybersecurity Hearing

Voting Data From a Colorado County Was Leaked Online: Now the Clerk Is in Hiding

Banksy Was Warned About Website Flaw Before NFT Hack Scam

Irish Health Service Still Recovering Months After Hack: ‘A Cyber-Attack Disrupted My Cancer Treatment’

Regulators Investigate Crypto-Exchange Developer Uniswap Labs

Privacy Alarm in Indonesia Over President’s Leaked Vaccine Certificate

Eight U.S. States to Begin Accepting Digital Driving Licenses

Apple Delays Plans to Scan Devices for Child Abuse Images After Privacy Backlash

FBI: Spike in Sextortion Attacks Cost Victims $8 Million This Year
New Zealand Internet Outage Blamed on DDoS Attack on Nation’s Third Largest Internet Provider

Babuk Ransomware’s Full Source Code Leaked on Hacker Forum

Data Breach at Coalinga State Hospital (CA) Reveals Private Information on Nearly 1,800 Patients

Pittsburgh Public Schools Alert Families to Mailing Error That Exposed Student, Parent Information

Conti Ransomware Now Hacking Exchange Servers With ProxyShell Exploits

FIN7 Capitalizes on Windows 11 Release in Latest Gambit

Watch Out for New Malware Campaign’s ‘Windows 11 Alpha’ Attachment

Google’s TensorFlow Drops YAML Support Due to Code Execution Flaw

Over 60,000 Parked Domains Were Vulnerable to AWS Hijacking

Office 365 to Let Admins Block Active Content on Trusted Docs

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