U.S. Lawmakers Push for New Controls on Ex-Spies Working Overseas

Data-Privacy Impasse Hangs Over U.S.-EU Trade and Technology Summit

House Approves Legislation to Protect K-12 Schools Against Cyberattacks

Thousands of University Wi-Fi Networks Expose Log-In Credentials

Military’s RFID Tracking of Guns May Endanger Troops

Baby’s Death Alleged to Be Linked to Ransomware

Scammers Capitalize on Release of New Bond Movie

RansomEXX Ransomware Linux Encryptor May Damage Victims’ Files

WireX DDoS Botnet Admin Charged for Attacking Hotel Chain

Arctic Wolf Acquires ‘Hollywood-Style’ Cybersecurity Training Startup Habitu8

How Yahoo Built a Culture of Cybersecurity
JVCKenwood Hit by Conti Ransomware Claiming Theft of 1.5TB Data

Neiman Marcus Says Notified 4.6 Million Customers About Data Breach

Schneck Medical Center (IN) Suspends IT Systems in Response to Ongoing Cyberattack

Stonington Public School System (CT) Targeted by Ransomware Hackers

Innovative Proxy Phantom ATO Fraud Ring Haunts eCommerce Accounts

GhostEmperor Hackers Use New Windows 10 Rootkit in Attacks

Fake Amnesty International Pegasus Scanner Used to Infect Windows

New Azure AD Bug Lets Hackers Brute-Force Passwords Without Getting Caught

QNAP Fixes Bug That Let Attackers Run Malicious Commands Remotely

Google Emergency Update Fixes Two Chrome Zero Days

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