Biden Signs Bill to Strengthen K-12 School Cybersecurity

Democrats Urge Federal Agencies to Address Use of Cryptocurrencies for Ransomware Payments

Poll: Americans Think U.S. Politicians, Social Media Spread Misinformation More Than Foreign Governments

U.S. Navy Engineer Charged in Attempt to Sell Nuclear Submarine Secrets

Amnesty International Links Indian Cybersecurity Firm to Spyware Operation

Russian Orgs Heavily Targeted by Smaller Tier Ransomware Gangs

Google Warns 14,000 Gmail Users Targeted by Russian Group APT28

Bank of America Insider Charged With Money Laundering for BEC Scams
BrewDog Token Gaffe Causes Massive PII Breach

Cox Media Group Confirms Ransomware Attack That Took Down Broadcasts

Schneck Medical Center (IN) Electronic Medical Records Back Online 10 Days After Ransomware Attack

Twitch Game Page Backgrounds Defaced With Jeff Bezos’ Face

Intuit Warns Quickbooks Customers of Ongoing Phishing Attacks

Researchers Warn of FontOnLake Rootkit Malware Targeting Linux Systems

Microsoft Adds Tamper Protection to Windows 11 Security Baseline

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