Potential Chinese Hackers ‘LightBasin’ Targeting Telecommunications Companies

Lyceum APT Returns, This Time Targeting Tunisian Firms

BlackByte Ransomware Decryptor Released to Recover Files for Free

China’s VPN Market Now Open to Foreign Investment

Zerodium Wants Zero-Day Exploits for Windows VPN Clients

Brave Ditches Google for Its Own Privacy-Centric Search Engine

Twitter Suspends Hacker Who Allegedly Stole Data of 45 Million Argentinians

The Simmering Cybersecurity Risk of Employee Burnout
Data Breach Hits North American Dental Management

Candy Corn Maker Ferrara Hit With Ransomware

Manhasset Schools (NY) Victim of Ransomware Attack

Quickfox VPN Misconfiguration Exposes One Million Users

TA505 Gang Is Back With Newly Polished FlawedGrace RAT

About 26% Of All Malicious Javascript Threats Are Obfuscated

Squirrel Bug Lets Attackers Execute Code in Games, Cloud Services

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