Lawmakers Call on Biden Administration to Take Further Steps Against Spyware Groups

Israeli Foreign Minister Distances Government From Blacklisted NSO Group

Senators Move to Include 72 Hour Timeline for Cyber Incident Reporting in Defense Bill

Native Tribal Casinos Taking Millions in Ransomware Losses

Cybersecurity Companies Are Raking in Millions. Many Don’t Turn Profits.

FBI Warns of Increased Use of Cryptocurrency ATMs, QR Codes for Fraud

Operation Cyclone Deals Blow to Clop Ransomware Operation

How InfoSec Should Use the Minimum Viable Secure Product Checklist
U.S. Defense Contractor Electronic Warfare Hit by Data Breach

Ransomware Attack on Nationwide Laboratory Services

946 UNC Patients’ Billing Info Potentially Exposed by Unauthorized Account Access

Ransomware Compromises Patient Information at Victory Health Partners (AL)

Proofpoint Phish Harvests Microsoft O365, Google Logins

Philips Healthcare Infomatics Solution Vulnerable to SQL Injection

Mozilla Thunderbird 91.3 Released to Fix High Impact Flaws

Pwn2Own: Printer Plays AC/DC, Samsung Galaxy S21 Hacked Twice

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