Letter From Former High-Ranking National Security Officials To Congress: Election Subversion Poses National Security Threat

Harris, Macron Unveil New Initiatives on Space, Cybersecurity After Meeting

States Try to ‘Parallel’ Federal Orders on Cybersecurity, Officials Say

FBI Warns of Iranian Hackers Looking to Buy Us Orgs’ Stolen Data

Lazarus Hackers Target Researchers With Trojanized IDA Pro

Hacker-for-Hire Group ‘Void Balaur’ Spied on More Than 3,500 Targets in 18 Months

New Android Spyware ‘PhoneSpy’ Found in South Korea Poses Pegasus-Like Threat

TrickBot Teams up With Shatak Phishers for Conti Ransomware Attacks

Cyber Agency Beefing up Disinformation, Misinformation Team

Krebs: SMS About Bank Fraud as a Pretext for Voice Phishing

Businesses Don’t Know How to Manage VPN Security Properly – And Cyber Criminals Are Taking Advantage

How to Spot and Block Cryptominers on Your Network

Firms Will Struggle to Secure Extended Attack Surface in 2022

These Industries Were the Most Affected by the Past Year of Ransomware Attacks

In Ransomware Fight, FBI Balances Unlocking Victims’ Data and Chasing Attackers

Former Broadcom Engineer Accused of Pinching Chip Tech to Share With New Chinese Employer

In a Quantum Future, Our Economy Needs to Be Protected: A Cybersecurity Expert Explains Why
Brittany Ferries ‘Fesses up to Leaks Caused by Routine Website Update

Stor-a-File Hit by Ransomware After Crooks Target SolarWinds Serv-U FTP Software

HPE Says Hackers Breached Aruba Central Using Stolen Access Key

Telnyx Is the Latest VoIP Provider Hit With DDoS Attacks

Critical Citrix DDoS Bug Shuts Down Network, Cloud App Access

Queensland Water Supplier Sunwater Targeted by Hackers in Months-Long Undetected Cyber Security Breach

Summer Data Breach at Lander University (SC) Caught Before Paychecks Diverted

Central Health (NL) Also Impacted by Cyber Attack, Investigation Ongoing

City of Moline (IL) Falls Victim of Cyber Attack Now Under Federal Investigation

New Android Malware ‘MasterFred’ Targets Netflix, Instagram, and Twitter Users

Massive Zero-Day Hole Found in Palo Alto Security Appliances

13 New Flaws in Siemens Nucleus TCP/IP Stack Impact Safety-Critical Equipment

WP Reset PRO Bug Lets Hackers Wipe WordPress Sites

Microsoft Patches Excel Zero-Day Used in Attacks, Asks Mac Users to Wait

These Invisible Characters Could Be Hidden Backdoors in Your JS Code

Researchers Show That Apple’s CSAM Scanning Can Be Fooled Easily

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