Biden Signs Into Law Bill to Secure Telecommunications Systems Against Foreign Threats

Harris Calls for Global Action on Cyber Threats After U.S. Joins International Effort

Dutch Newspaper Accuses U.S. Spy Agencies of Orchestrating 2016 booking.com Breach

China Still Steals Commercial Secrets for Its Own Firms’ Profit

Congress Mulls Ban on Big Ransom Payouts Unless Victims Get Official Say-So

CEO of Blacklisted Spyware Firm NSO Group Quits

CyberVetsUSA Pilots Nebraska Project

Gmail Accounts Are Used in 91% Of All Baiting Email Attacks

Russian ‘King of Fraud’ Sentenced to 10 Years for Methbot Scheme

Expect 2022 to Be the Year of Cybersecurity
Dallas Police Surveillance Footage Leaked

Southern Ohio Medical Center Diverting Ambulances After Apparent Cyber Attack

Back-to-Back PlayStation 5 Hacks Hit on the Same Day

Tiny Font Size Fools Email Filters in BEC Phishing

Careful: ‘Smart TV Remote’ Android App on Google Play Is Malware

Magniber Ransomware Gang Now Exploits Internet Explorer Flaws in Attacks

BotenaGo Botnet Targets Millions of IoT Devices With 33 Exploits

Windows 10 App Installer Abused in BazarLoader Malware Attacks

AMD Fixes Dozens of Windows 10 Graphics Driver Security Bugs

Google Debuts ClusterFuzzLite Security Tool for CI, CD Workflows

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