Biden, Xi Hold Virtual Summit Amid Rising U.S.-China Tensions

Report Implicates Belarus in Anti-NATO ‘Ghostwriter’ Cyber Campaign

Facebook Disrupts Pakistani Hacking Group Targeting Afghan Users

Microsoft Warns of the Evolution of Six Iranian Hacking Groups

Oversight Finds ‘Small Lapses’ in Security Led to Colonial Pipeline, JBS Hacks

FBI Calls For Firms to Report Hacks Directly to Law Enforcement

These Are the Cryptomixers Hackers Use to Clean Their Ransoms

Evil Corp: ‘My Hunt for the World’s Most Wanted Hackers’

FBI Email Hoaxer ID’ed by the Guy He Allegedly Loves to Torment

In Alabama, Training for Cyber Crime and Competing in War Games

Ethical Hackers Stymie $27B of Cybercrime
200M Adult Cam Model, User Records Exposed in Stripchat Breach

Hackers Compromised Middle East Eye News Website to Hack Visitors, Researchers Say

Burnie City (Tas) Council Hackers Left Their Contact Details: Mayor

Delta-Montrose Electric Association (CO) Grapples With ‘Targeted Effort’ on Its Internal Network

Here Are the New Emotet Spam Campaigns Hitting Mailboxes Worldwide

WordPress Sites Are Being Hacked in Fake Ransomware Attacks

Inside Story of Ransomware Repeatedly Masquerading as a Popular JS Library for Roblox Gamers

GitHub Fixes Authorisation Vulnerability in the NPM JavaScript Package Registry

Microsoft Adds AI-Driven Ransomware Protection to Defender

Researchers Demonstrate New Way to Detect MitM Phishing Kits in the Wild

Ransomware Gangs Are Now Rich Enough to Buy Zero-Day Flaws, Say Researchers

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