2021: Tech’s Big Year

An Amazon Lawsuit Encounters a Big Snag: A Judge With a Conflict of Interest

Confusing Data Breach in Rhode Island Leads to AG Investigation

In the Fight Against Cybercrime, Takedowns Are Only Temporary

Twitter Account of FBI’s Fake Chat App, ANOM Seen Trolling Today

Have I Been Pwned Adds 441k Accounts Stolen by Redline Malware
Kyoto University Loses 77TB of Research Data Due to Backup Error

Cyberattack Cripples Norway’s Amedia

Sega Narrowly Avoids Huge Data Breach, Thanks to Security Firm

Pick N Pay Denies Customer Data Was Exposed Online Despite ‘Glitch’

New iLOBleed Rootkit Targeting HP Enterprise Servers with Data Wiping Attacks

Firmware Attack Can Drop Persistent Malware in Hidden SSD Area

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