Federal Agencies, International Partners Issue Warning on Russian Cyber Threats

Russian-Linked Shuckworm Crew Ramps up Ukraine Attacks

How Russia Is Isolating Its Own Cybercriminals

UN Panel Coordinator Urges Stepped up Focus on North Korea Cyber Crime

FBI Warns of Ransomware Attacks Targeting U.S. Agriculture Sector

Most Email Security Approaches Fail to Block Common Threats

Google Project Zero Detects a Record Number of Zero-Day Exploits in 2021

CISA Expands Its Cyber Defense Division to Include Control Systems Expertise

Israeli Charged in Global Hacker-For-Hire Scheme Pleads Guilty
Israeli Sites Under Cyber Attack by Iraqi Hacker Group ‘Altahrea Team’

REvil’s TOR Sites Come Alive to Redirect to New Ransomware Operation

Puerto Rico Toll Collection System Hit by Cyberattack

NJ Law Firm McCarter & English Experiences Data Breach

Okta Ends Lapsus$ Hack Investigation, Says Breach Lasted Just 25 Minutes

Microsoft Exchange Servers Hacked to Deploy Hive Ransomware

Researchers Detail Bug That Could Paralyze Snort Intrusion Detection System

AWS’s Log4j Patches Blew Holes in Its Own Security

Microsoft Defender Flags Google Chrome Updates as Suspicious

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