Microsoft Uncovers Extensive Russian Cyber Operations in Ukraine

Chinese Hackers APT Bronze President Targeting Russian Military with Updated PlugX Malware

Russia Is Being Hacked at an Unprecedented Scale

Chinese Drone-Maker DJI Suspends Ops in Russia, Ukraine

1Password Syncing Went Down for a Few Hours Today During a Database Upgrade

How Industry Leaders Should Approach Open Source Security

Cyber Skills Gap Linked to Breaches

North Koreans Are Jailbreaking Phones to Access Forbidden Media

Google May Now Remove Search Results That Dox You

Krebs: Fighting Fake EDRs With ‘Credit Ratings’ for Police

Uber Ordered to Produce Records About 2016 Hack and Cover-Up
Smile Brands Breach from 2021 Impacts 2.5 Million Individuals

Columbus Housing Authority (OH) Suffers Data Breach; Client Personal Info Possibly Stolen

Battelle for Kids Exposes Student Info Across Ohio

Russian Gov’t Impersonators Target Telcos in Phishing Attacks

GitHub: How Stolen OAuth Tokens Helped Breach Dozens of Orgs

New Black Basta Ransomware Springs Into Action With a Dozen Breaches

RIG Exploit Kit Drops Redline Malware via Internet Explorer Bug

QNAP Warns Users to Disable Afp Until It Fixes Critical Bugs

New Nimbuspwn Linux Vulnerability Gives Hackers Root Privileges

Millions of Java Apps Remain Vulnerable to Log4Shell

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