Rumours Continue About Putin’s Health – With Little to Back Them Up

Anonymous Claims Attacks Against Belarus for Involvement in Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Indian Authorities Issue Conflicting Advice About Biometric ID Card Security

Vodafone Plans Carrier-Level User Tracking for Targeted Ads
Italy Warns Organizations to Brace for Incoming DDoS Attacks

Data Breach at Australian Pension Provider Spirit Super Impacts 50K Victims After Phishing

Zero-Day ‘Follina’ Bug Lays Older Microsoft Office Versions Open to Attack

Three Nigerians Arrested for Malware-Assisted Financial Crimes


Russian Hackers Believed to Be Behind Leak of Hard Brexit Plans

BlackCat/ALPHV Ransomware Asks $5 Million to Unlock Austrian State

The Mystery of China’s Sudden Warnings About U.S. Hackers

CISA Publishes 5G Security Evaluation Process Plan

Information Security Gets Personal: How to Protect Yourself and Your Stuff

Mobile Trojan Detections Rise as Malware Distribution Level Declines

Intuit Warns of QuickBooks Phishing Threatening to Suspend Accounts

Microsoft to Force Better Security Defaults for All Azure AD Tenants

SpiceJet Defers Q4 Earnings Announcement After Ransomware Attack

Somerset County (NJ) Switches Over to Gmail to Keep Agencies Running Following Ransomware Attack

Physical Security Teams’ Impact Is Far-Reaching

Yubo Livestreaming App Cooperating With Law Enforcement on Texas Shooting Investigation

New York Man Sentenced to Four Years in Transnational Cybercrime Scheme
Stolen University Credentials up for Sale by Russian Crooks, FBI Warns

NJ Talent Firm Voto Consulting Exposed Thousands of Resumes, Detailing Immigration Statuses and Security Clearances

Hacker Accesses a Verizon Employee Database and Tries to Ransom the Data for $250,000

GitHub: Attackers Stole Login Details of 100K NPM User Accounts

Optoma Technology (CA) Confirms Data Breach Stemming From Recent Ransomware Attack

Patient Info, SSNs, Compromised in Allwell Behavioral Health Services (OH) Breach

Regina Public Schools (SK) Remain Offline, Cyber Attack Confirmed

Portland (OR) Lost $1.4M in a ‘Cybersecurity Breach’

Clop Ransomware Gang Is Back, Hits 21 Victims in a Single Month

New Windows Subsystem for Linux Malware Steals Browser Auth Cookies

EnemyBot Malware Adds Exploits for Critical VMware, F5 Big-IP Flaws

Microsoft Finds Critical Bugs in Pre-Installed Apps on Millions of Android Devices


Industrial Spy Data Extortion Market Gets Into the Ransomware Game

Three-quarters of Security Pros Believe Current Cybersecurity Strategies Will Shortly Be Obsolete

Attribution Is Key to Holding Cyber Criminals Accountable

Cybergang Claims REvil Is Back, Executes DDoS Attacks

Most CFOs Being Left Out of Ransomware Conversations

10 Tips to Develop Cybersecurity Knowledge Within Organizations

Spring Cleaning Checklist: Keep Your Devices Safe at Work

Google Urged to Stop Tracking Location Data Ahead of Roe Reversal

Broadcom Is Acquiring VMware for $61 Billion

Google Is Adding These IT Security Integrations to Chrome

Windows 11 KB5014019 Breaks Trend Micro Ransomware Protection

Cyber Attack, Threat of Bad Weather Can’t Stop Whitmer High School (OH) Graduation
Millions of People’s Info Stolen From MGM Resorts Dumped on Telegram for Free

Austria’s Carinthia Halts Passport Issuance Over Ransomware Attack

Alameda Health System (CA) Files Notice of Recent Data Breach

New ERMAC 2.0 Android Malware Steals Accounts, Wallets From 467 Apps

Critical ‘Pantsdown’ BMC Vulnerability Affects QCT Servers Used in Data Centers

Zyxel Warns of Flaws Impacting Firewalls, APs, and Controllers

OAS Platform Vulnerable to Critical RCE and API Access Flaws

Tails OS Users Advised Not to Use Tor Browser Until Critical Firefox Bugs are Patched

Exploit Released for Critical VMware Auth Bypass Bug, Patch Now

Microsoft Shares Mitigation for Windows KrbRelayUp LPE Attacks


Beijing Needs the Ability to ‘Destroy’ Starlink, Say Chinese Researchers

Iran Used Secret U.N. Records to Evade Nuclear Probes

Feds Say Twitter Used Contact Info Collected for Security Purposes to Target Ads

Interpol Arrest Leader of SilverTerrier Cybercrime Gang Behind BEC Attacks

Global Oil and Gas Companies Join Pledge for Cyber Resilience

Verizon Report: Ransomware, Human Error Among Top Security Risks

Lumos System Can Find Hidden Cameras and IoT Devices in Your Airbnb or Hotel Room

Hacker Says Hijacking Libraries, Stealing AWS Keys Was Ethical Research
SpiceJet Airline Passengers Stranded After Ransomware Attack

Data Breach at Scarborough Health Network Hospitals (ON) Possibly Exposed Patient Info

Data Breach Nederlander Theatrical Corp (NY) Compromises Over 14,000 Names and SSNs

Darknet Market Versus Shuts Down After Hacker Leaks Security Flaw

Tails 5.0 Linux Users Warned Against Using It “For Sensitive Information”

New ‘Cheers’ Linux Ransomware Targets VMware ESXi Servers

New ChromeLoader Malware Surge Threatens Browsers Worldwide

BPFDoor Malware Uses Solaris Vulnerability to Get Root Privileges


Hacked Police Computer Servers: The Faces From China’s Uyghur Detention Camps

Personal Data of Tens of Millions of Russians and Ukrainians Exposed Online

Hackers Target Russian Gov’t With Fake Windows Updates Pushing RATs

Russian Diplomat Warns Against Global ‘Cyber Confrontation’

Open Source Intelligence May Be Changing Old-School War

Microsoft Warns of Web Skimmers Mimicking Google Analytics and Meta Pixel Code

A Favorite of Cybercriminals and Nation States, Ransomware Incidents Increase Again

IBM Is Helping These Schools Build Up Their Ransomware Defenses

Senate Report Reveals Gaps in Data Collection on Ransomware Payments

Facebook Opens Political Ad Data Vaults to Researchers

DuckDuckGo Browser Allows Microsoft Trackers Due to Search Agreement

Microsoft: Credit Card Stealers Are Getting Much Stealthier

IP and Cybersecurity Disputes Are Top Legal Concerns for Tech Companies
General Motors Hit by Cyber-Attack Exposing Car Owners’ Personal Info

Washington University of St. Louis School of Medicine Notifies Patients of Data Breach

Jackson County Hospital (TX) Announces Data Breach Affecting Patient and Employee Data

Cyber Attack Shuts Down Somerset County (NJ) Email

Data Breach Reported at Schneck Medical Center (IN): Patient SSN’s Exposed

New Chaos Ransomware Builder Variant “Yashma” Discovered in the Wild

Screencastify Chrome Extension Flaws Allow Webcam Hijacks

Popular Python and PHP Libraries Hijacked to Steal AWS Keys

Researchers to Release Exploit for New VMware Auth Bypass, Patch Now

Patch Now: Zoom Chat Messages Can Infect PCs, Macs, Phones With Malware

Trend Micro Fixes Bug Chinese Hackers Exploited for Espionage

Mozilla Fixes Firefox, Thunderbird Zero-Days Exploited at Pwn2Own

CISA Adds 41 Vulnerabilities to List of Bugs Used in Cyberattacks


Military-Made Cyberweapons Could Soon Become Available on the Dark Web, Interpol Warns

South Korean and U.S. Presidents Gang Up on North Korea’s Cyber-Offensives

Russian Hackers Perform Reconnaissance Against Austria, Estonia

Fronton: Russian IoT Botnet Designed to Run Social Media Disinformation Campaigns

Anonymous Declares Cyber-War on Pro-Russian Hacker Gang Killnet

How GDPR Is Failing

Porsche Rolls Out Board-Approved Privacy Strategy

Broadcom in Talks to Pay About $60 Billion for VMware

Mark Zuckerberg Sued Over Cambridge Analytica Data Breach
Hackers Breach Zola Wedding Registry Accounts and Make Fraudulent Purchases

Online Classes Resume After Cyber Attack at Kalamazoo Valley Community College (MI)

New RansomHouse Group Sets up Extortion Market, Adds First Victims

Photos of Abused Victims Used in New ID Verification Scam

Charity Or Cybercrime? Goodwill Ransomware Cracks Your Decryption If You Donate

Fake Windows Exploits Target Infosec Community With Cobalt Strike

New Unpatched Bug Could Let Attackers Steal Money from PayPal Users

Hackers Can Hack Your Online Accounts Before You Even Register Them


Canada Bans Huawei Equipment From 5G Networks, Orders Removal by 2024

Microsoft Bing Censors Politically Sensitive Chinese Terms

America’s Small Businesses Aren’t Ready for a Cyberattack

Conti Ransomware Shuts Down Operation, Rebrands Into Smaller Units

Google Chat Adds Warning Banners to Protect Against Phishing Attacks

Google Antitrust: Bipartisan Congress Bill Latest in Legal Troubles Over Advertising Practices

Crypto Might Have an Insider Trading Problem

Elon Musk Deep Fakes Promote New Cryptocurrency Scam

UK Sextortion Cases Doubled in 2021

SolarWinds Ready to Move Past Breach and Help Customers Manage Theirs

Windows 11 Hacked Again at Pwn2Own, Telsa Model 3 Too

Windows 11 Hacked Three More Times on Last Day of Pwn2Own Contest
Fears Grow for Smaller Nations After Ransomware Attack on Costa Rica Escalates

Russian Sberbank Says It’s Facing Massive Waves of DDoS Attacks

Ransomware Attack Exposes Data of 500,000 Chicago Public School Students

Vendor Battelle for Kids

Trust Stamp, a Facial Recognition Company With ICE Contract, Exposed Data in Breach

Google: Predator Spyware Infected Android Devices Using Zero-Days

PDF Smuggles Microsoft Word Doc to Drop Snake Keylogger Malware

Researchers Find Backdoor in School Management Plugin for WordPress

Malicious PyPI Package Opens Backdoors on Windows, Linux, and Macs

Cisco Issues Patch for New IOS XR Zero-Day Vulnerability Exploited in the Wild


Biden Says Sweden and Finland Have the ‘Full Backing’ of the United States to Join NATO

Russian-Backed Hackers Behind Disinformation Campaigns Intended to Divide Ukraine

Iran, China-Linked Gangs Join Putin’s Disinformation War Online

North Korean Hackers Weaponize COVID Outbreak in Latest Cyber Attack

Spyware Vendors Target Android With Zero-Day Exploits

Phishing Websites Now Use Chatbots to Steal Your Credentials

Majority of Kubernetes API Servers Exposed to the Public

Justice Department Pledges Not to Charge Security Researchers With Hacking Crimes

MI5 Agent Used Secret Status to Terrorise Girlfriend

Cyber Boot Camps Fall Short for Some Students

Half of IT Leaders Store Passwords in Shared Docs

Microsoft Teams, Windows 11 Hacked on First Day of Pwn2Own
Media Giant Nikkei’s Asian Unit Hit by Ransomware Attack

DeKalb (GA) Student Newspaper Exposes Data Leak in District’s Online Network

Agile Sourcing Partners (CA) Suffers Data Breach Due to Conti Ransomware Attack

Greenland Says Health Services ‘Severely Limited’ After Cyberattack

Russian Fronton Botnet Does Far More Than DDoS Attacks – And on a Massive Scale

QNAP Alerts NAS Customers of New DeadBolt Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware Gangs Rely More on Weaponizing Vulnerabilities

Microsoft Detects Massive Surge in Linux XorDDoS Malware Activity

New Bluetooth Hack Could Let Attackers Remotely Unlock Smart Locks and Cars

Lazarus Hackers Target VMware Servers With Log4Shell Exploits


Costa Rican President Says Country Is ‘at War’ With Conti Ransomware Group

U.S. Saw Signs of Decline in Russian Ransomware Strikes at Start of Ukraine War

NATO Cyber Coordinators Hold First-Ever Meeting Amid Russia’s Invasion

This Hacktivist Site Lets You Prank Call Russian Officials

Krebs: Senators Urge FTC to Probe ID.me Over Selfie Data

Liveness Tests Used by Banks to Verify ID Are ‘Extremely Vulnerable’ to Deepfake Attacks

Google’s DeepMind Says It Is Close to Achieving ‘Human-Level’ Artificial Intelligence

New York Attorney General to Probe Social Media Companies’ Role in Buffalo Shooting

Cyber Insurers Raise Rates Amid a Surge in Costly Hacks

APTs Overwhelmingly Share Known Vulnerabilities Rather Than Attack O-Days

Researchers Expose Inner Workings of Billion-Dollar Wizard Spider Cybercrime Gang

U.S. Recovers $15 Million From Global Kovter Ad Fraud Operation

Spanish Police Dismantle Phishing Gang That Emptied Bank Accounts
Chinese ‘Space Pirates’ Are Hacking Russian Aerospace Firms

Pharmacy Giant Dis-Chem Hit By Data Breach Affecting 3.6 Million Customers

Washington Local Schools (OH) Hit With Cyber Attack on Wednesday

Bank of Zambia Hit by Ransomware Trolls Hackers With Dick Pics

Fake Crypto Sites Lure Wannabe Thieves by Spamming Login Credentials

Critical Jupiter WordPress Plugin Flaws Let Hackers Take Over Sites

Hackers Gain Fileless Persistence on Targeted SQL Servers Using a Built-in Utility

April VMware Bugs Abused to Deliver Mirai Malware, Exploit Log4Shell

VMware Patches Critical Auth Bypass Flaw in Multiple Products

DHS Orders Federal Agencies to Patch VMware Bugs Within 5 Days

CISA Shares Guidance to Block Ongoing F5 BIG-IP Attacks

FBI and NSA Say: Stop Doing These 10 Things That Let the Hackers In


Ransomware Gang Hacks Costa Rica, Asks Residents to Overthrow the Government

U.S. Warns Over Risk of Hiring North Korea Spies Posing As IT Workers

Krebs: When Your Smart ID Card Reader Comes With Malware

Cybersecurity Agencies Reveal Top Initial Access Attack Vectors

HTML Attachments Remain Popular Among Phishing Actors in 2022

Google Will Start Distributing a Security-Vetted Collection of Open-Source Software Libraries

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Gets New Troubleshooting Mode

U.S,. Cyber Officials Express Confidence Over ‘Significant Progress’ in Federal Security

Local Government’s Guide to Minimizing the Risk of a Cyberattack

China Has Signaled Easing of Its Tech Crackdown — But Don’t Expect a Policy U-Turn

Musk, Twitter CEO Spar Over Bot Accounts, Tanking Share Price
Ransomware Hits American Healthcare Company Omnicell

Auction.com Data Breach Due to Conti Ransomware Attack

Christus Health (TX) Experienced Unauthorized Activity on Its Computer Network

More Than 90,000 South Australian Public Servants Now Involved in 2021 Payroll Data Breach

Hackers Target Tatsu WordPress Plugin in Millions of Attacks

Pentester Pops Open Tesla Model 3 Using Low-Cost Bluetooth Module

Microsoft Warns of “Cryware” Info-Stealing Malware Targeting Crypto Wallets

UpdateAgent Returns with New macOS Malware Dropper Written in Swift

Digital Skimming is Now the Preserve of Non-Magecart Groups

NVIDIA Fixes Ten Vulnerabilities in Windows GPU Display Drivers

CISA Warns Admins to Patch Actively Exploited Spring, Zyxel Bugs


Sweden Warns of Russian Cyber Retaliation Over NATO Membership Move

Ukraine Supporters in Germany Targeted With PowerShell Rat Malware

Cyber Attack on Costa Rica Grows as More Agencies Hit, President Says

Researchers Devise iPhone Malware That Runs Even When Device Is Turned Off

China Has Been Quietly Building a Blockchain Platform: Here’s What We Know

U.S. Courts Are Coming After Crypto Exchanges That Skirt Sanctions

U.S. Charges Venezuelan Doctor With Selling Ransomware Used by Iranian Group

San Francisco Police Use Driverless Cars for Surveillance
U.S. Manufacturing Giant Parker Hit by Conti Ransomware Gang

Covenant Care California Reports Data Breach

Texas Department of Insurance Exposed Personal Info of 1.8 Million, Audit Says

Apple Emergency Update Fixes Zero-Day Used to Hack Macs, Watches

Microsoft’s May Patch Tuesday Updates Cause Windows AD Authentication Errors

CISA ‘Temporarily’ Removes Windows Vulnerability From Its Must-Patch List

Kali Linux 2022.2 Released With 10 New Tools, WSL Improvements, and More

Third-Party Web Trackers Log What You Type Before Submitting


Finland, Sweden’s NATO Moves Prompt Fears of Russian Cyberattacks

Google Chrome Updates Failing on Android Devices in Russia

Ukraine: The Spy War Within the War

Iranian Hackers Exposed in a Highly Targeted Espionage Campaign

Italian CERT: Hacktivists Hit Gov’t Sites in ‘Slow HTTP’ DDoS Attacks

Phishing Attack Pop-up Targets MetaMask Users Visiting Popular Crypto Sites

Shopping for Malware: $260 Gets You a Password Stealer. $90 for a Crypto-Miner…

The NSA Swears It Has ‘No Backdoors’ in Next-Gen Encryption

EU Agrees New Cybersecurity Legislation for Critical Services Organizations

Open Source Community Hands White House 10-Point Security Plan

Crypto Robber Who Lured Victims via Snapchat and Stole £34,000 Jailed

Angry IT Admin Wipes Employer’s Databases, Gets 7 Years in Prison
Anonymous Bulletin Board App Yik Yak Is Revealing Its Users’ Exact Locations

Cyberattacks Reported by McKenzie Health System (MI) & Omnicell (CA)

Personal Information Breached in Elgin County (ON) Cyber Security Attack

Cyber Mistake: Cincinnati Inadvertently Posted Employees’ Personal Data Online

Fake Pixelmon NFT Site Infects You With Password-Stealing Malware

Fake Binance NFT Mystery Box Bots Steal Victim’s Crypto Wallets

New Saitama Backdoor Targeted Official From Jordan’s Foreign Ministry

Microsoft: Sysrv Botnet Targets Windows, Linux Servers With New Exploits

Hackers Exploiting Critical Bug in Zyxel Firewalls & VPNs

SonicWall Releases Patches for New Flaws Affecting SSLVPN SMA1000 Devices

Microsoft Fixes New PetitPotam Windows NTLM Relay Attack Vector

Just in Time? Bosses Are Finally Waking up to the Cybersecurity Threat


Krebs: DEA Investigating Breach of Law Enforcement Data Portal

U.S. Signs Multilateral Treaty to Combat Cybercrime

The Stakes ‘Could Not Be Any Higher’: CISA Chief Talks About the Tech Challenges Ahead

Federal Judiciary ‘Vulnerable’ to Cyberattacks, U.S. Lawmakers Told

The Hidden Race to Protect the U.S. Bioeconomy From Hacks

They Fled Ukraine to Keep Their Cyber Startup Alive. Now, They’re Hacking Back.

Ukrainian Imprisoned for Selling Access to Thousands of PCs

Ex-eBay Exec Charged With Harassing Newsletter Publishers Pleads Guilty

Europe Proposes Tackling Child Abuse by Killing Privacy, Strong Encryption
Thousands of WordPress Sites Hacked to Redirect Visitors to Scam Sites

Refuah Health Center (NY) Suffers Cybersecurity Incident, 260K Impacted

Iranian Hackers Leveraging BitLocker and DiskCryptor in Ransomware Attacks

Malware Builder ‘Portu’ Leverages Discord Webhooks to Create ‘KurayStealer’

BPFdoor: Stealthy Linux Malware Bypasses Firewalls for Remote Access

Eternity Malware Kit Offers Stealer, Miner, Worm, Ransomware Tools

Zyxel Silently Fixes Critical RCE Vulnerability in Firewall Products

Nokia Opens New Cybersecurity End-to-End 5G Testing Lab


Pro-Russian Hackers Target Italy Institutional Websites -ANSA News Agency

Virtual Casino With Alleged Ties to Russia Hit With Multistate Cease-And-Desist Order

Federal Agencies Issue Warning to Third-Party Security Firms

OpenSea Is Adding NFT Copy Detection and Verification Features

Android 13 Tries to Make Privacy and Security a No-Brainer

Yahoo Japan Strives for Universal Passwordless Authentication

Novel Phishing Trick Uses Weird Links to Bypass Spam Filters

Sunday Security Launches a Cybersecurity Service for Senior Execs

Businesses Seek to Soften SEC Cyber Rules

Elon Musk Says He’s ‘Very Much on the Same Page’ as the EU on Social Media Laws
Bitter APT Hackers Add Bangladesh to Their List of Targets in South Asia

Researchers Warn of Nerbian RAT Targeting Entities in Italy, Spain, and the UK

Canadian Fighter Jet Training Company Top Aces Investigating Ransomware Attack

Cornwall Council Data Breach: Children’s Details Published

Critical F5 Big-IP Vulnerability Exploited to Wipe Devices

CISA Tells Federal Agencies to Fix Actively Exploited F5 Big-IP Bug

Intel Memory Bug Poses Risk for Hundreds of Products

HP Fixes Bug Letting Attackers Overwrite Firmware in Over 200 Models

Krebs: Microsoft Patch Tuesday, May 2022 Edition

New IceApple Exploit Toolset Deployed on Microsoft Exchange Servers


Russia Downed Satellite Internet in Ukraine -Western Officials

Spain’s Spy Chief Sacked After Pegasus Spyware Revelations

UK Government Security Experts Take Down 2.7 Million Scams

UK Gov’t Releases Free Tool to Check for Email Cybersecurity Risks

AMD Gave Google Cloud Rare Access to Its Tech to Hunt Chip Flaws

British Man Charged in New York With Hacking Into Bank Computers, Stealing Millions

Abnormal Security Raises $210 Million in Series C Funding Round

GitHub Announces Enhanced 2FA Experience for NPM Accounts

Musk Says He’d Reverse Trump’s Twitter Ban
AA Traveller (New Zealand) Apologises After Massive Data Breach

Cyber Attack Prompts Security Response by Oregon Secretary of State

Elephant Insurance (VA) Reports Data Breach

German Automakers Targeted in Year-Long Malware Campaign

FluBot Android Malware Targets Finland in New SMS Campaigns

New REvil Samples Indicate Ransomware Gang is Back After Months of Inactivity

Hackers Actively Exploit F5 BIG-IP Bug

Microsoft Fixes New NTLM Relay Zero-Day in All Windows Versions

Microsoft May 2022 Patch Tuesday Fixes 3 Zero-Days, 75 Flaws


Hackers Replace Russian TV Schedules During ‘Victory Day’ With Anti-War Messages

Costa Rica Declares National Emergency After Conti Ransomware Attacks

Biden Admin Announces Expansion of Free High-Speed Internet to Eligible U.S. Households

Biden Signs Cybercrime Tracking Bill Into Law

Lincoln College (IL) Is Shutting Down for Good Following a Ransomware Attack

Clearview AI Agrees to Limit Sales of Facial Recognition Database

Microsoft Launches Cybersecurity Services to Help Clients Fight Off Ransomware and Other Attacks

Combines Tech and Human Experts

China Wants Its Youth to Stop Giving Livestreamers Money
Hackers Are Now Hiding Malware in Windows Event Logs

Cyberattack on Tenet Florida Hospitals Also Affected 5 Steward Hospitals

City of Quincy (IL) Hit With Cyber Attack; Cannot Send or Receive Email

Experts Sound Alarm on DCRat Backdoor Being Sold on Russian Hacking Forums

Ukrainian CERT Warns Citizens of a New Wave of Cyberattacks Distributing Jester Malware

Another Set of Joker Trojan-Laced Android Apps Resurfaces on Google Play Store

Hackers Exploiting Critical F5 BIG-IP Bug, Public Exploits Released

Microsoft Releases Fixes for Azure Flaw Allowing RCE Attacks


Experts Uncover New Espionage Attacks by Chinese ‘Mustang Panda’ Hackers

U.S. Treasury Sanctions Cryptocurrency Tool Blender Used by North Korea

UK Sanctions Russian Microprocessor Makers, Banning Them From ARM

U.S. Offers $15 Million Reward for Information on Conti Ransomware Group

Chinese Ride-Hailing Giant Didi Says U.S. Regulator Is Investigating Its $4 Billion IPO

Fake Crypto Giveaways Steal Millions Using Elon Musk Ark Invest Video

Caramel Credit Card Stealing Service Is Growing in Popularity

Krebs: Your Phone May Soon Replace Many of Your Passwords

What We’ve Learned in the 12 Months Since the Colonial Pipeline Attack
Data breach Discovered at IKEA Canada impacts 95,000 Customers

California State Bar Notifies 1,300 People Identified in Data Breach

U.S. Agricultural Machinery Maker AGCO Hit by Ransomware Attack

Ferrari Subdomain Hijacked to Push Fake Ferrari NFT Collection

OpenSea’s Official Discord Compromised in a Phishing Attack That Stole $18K+ of NFTs

QNAP Releases Firmware Patches for 9 New Flaws Affecting NAS Devices

Exploits Created for Critical F5 Big-Ip Flaw, Install Patch Immediately

Check Your Gems: RubyGems Fixes Unauthorized Package Takeover Bug

Trend Micro Antivirus Modified Windows Registry by Mistake — How to Fix


Top U.S. Cyber Officials Warn Against Underestimating Russia’s Cyber Capability

Ukraine’s IT Army Is Disrupting Russia’s Alcohol Distribution

U.S. Intelligence Is Helping Ukraine Kill Russian Generals, Officials Say

Pentagon Denies U.S. Shared Intel to Target Russian Generals

Biden Orders New Quantum Push to Ensure Encryption Isn’t Cracked by Rivals

Biden Signs Bill Aimed At Improving Data Collection on Cybercrime

Hunter Biden Laptop Repairman Sues Over Hacker Allegations

How to Secure Your Phone Before Attending a Protest

Apple, Google, and Microsoft Will Support Passwordless Sign-in Soon

A Security Researcher Easily Found My Passwords & More

VPN Providers Threaten to Quit India Over New Data Law

FBI: Thailand and Hong Kong Banks Used Most in BEC

South Korea Admitted to NATO Cyber Defense Center
Illuminate Data Breach Impacts More School Districts

Thousands of Borrowers’ Data Exposed from ENCollect Debt Collection Service

Douglas County (CO) Students’ Information Exposed in Data Breach

Regional Eye Associates of Morgantown (WV) Reports Data Breach

Heroku Forces User Password Resets Following GitHub OAuth Token Theft

New NetDooka Malware Spreads via Poisoned Search Results

New Raspberry Robin Worm Uses Windows Installer to Drop Malware

Screen-Sharing Scams on the Rise, Watchdog Warns

NIST Updates Guidance for Defending Against Supply-Chain Attacks

Researchers Disclose Years-Old Vulnerabilities in Avast and AVG Antivirus

Google Fixes Actively Exploited Android Kernel Vulnerability

Tor Project Upgrades Network Speed Performance With New System


New Report Uncovers Massive Chinese ‘Winnti APT’ aka APT41 Hacking of Trade Secrets

Pro-Ukraine Hackers Use Docker Images to DDoS Russian Sites

Ethiopia ‘Foils’ Cyber-Attack on Nile Dam, Financial Institutions

FBI Says Business Email Compromise Is a $43 Billion Scam

Attackers Hijack UK NHS Email Accounts to Steal Microsoft Logins

UK Cyber-Security Chiefs Warn of Malicious App Risk

India’s New Super App Has a Privacy Problem

California Pushes Ahead With Kids’ Online Safety Proposals as Washington Stalls

Jury Awards Columbia University $185 Million in NortonLifeLock Patent Trial
Pixiv, Deviantart Artists Hit by NFT Job Offers Pushing Malware

State Bar of Georgia Reels From Cyber-Attack

Transport for New South Wales Struck by Cyber Attack

Attackers Use Event Logs to Hide Fileless Malware

Communication Around Heroku Security Incident Dubbed ‘Train Wreck’

F5 Warns of Critical BIG-IP RCE Bug Allowing Device Takeover

Critical RCE Bug Reported in dotCMS Content Management Software

Cisco Fixes NFVIS Bugs That Help Gain Root and Hijack Hosts

GitHub Will Require All Code Contributors to Use Two-Factor Authentication in 2023


Leaked Draft Opinion Shows Supreme Court Has Voted to Overturn Roe v. Wade

Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts Confirms Leak, Says Court Will Investigate

Data Broker Is Selling Location Data of People Who Visit Abortion Clinics

CDC Tracked Millions of Phones to See If Americans Followed COVID Lockdown Orders

Google: State-Backed Hackers Ramp up Cyber Operations in Eastern Europe

Google: Chinese State Hackers Keep Targeting Russian Gov’t Agencies

Krebs: Russia to Rent Tech-Savvy Prisoners to Corporate IT?

Experts Analyze Conti and Hive Ransomware Gangs’ Chats With Their Victims

SEC Nearly Doubles Crypto Enforcement Unit, Citing Fraud Risk in Booming Cryptocurrency Market
Chinese Cyber-Espionage Group Moshen Dragon Targets Asian Telcos

New Ransomware Strains Linked to North Korean APT38 Gov’t Hackers

New Phishing Warns: Your Verified Twitter Account May Be at Risk

University of Essex Data Breach Being Taken ‘Very Seriously’

Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) Releases Note From Hackers in Ransomware Attack

‘Sophisticated’ Ransomware Attack Hits Westchester (NY) Libraries

Conti, REvil, LockBit Ransomware Bugs Exploited to Block Encryption

Critical TLStorm 2.0 Bugs Affect Widely-Used Aruba and Avaya Network Switches

Unpatched DNS Bug Affects Millions of Routers and IoT Devices


Israel Keen to Set up Cyber ‘Iron Dome’ to Curb Rise in Attacks

Chinese “Override Panda” Hackers Resurface With New Espionage Attacks

Cyberspy Group UNC3524 Use IP Cameras to Deploy Backdoors, Steal Exchange Emails

Grindr User Data Was Sold Through Ad Networks For Years

Spyware Found on Spanish PM’s Phone

American Idol Winner Accused of Spying on Ex-Girlfriend

Mozilla Finds Mental Health Apps Fail ‘Spectacularly’ at User Security, Data Policies

EU Accuses Apple of Abusing Mobile-Payment Market Power

1,300+ Austin Peay Students Sign Petition to Cancel Final Exams After Cyber Attack
U.S. DOD Tricked Into Paying $23.5 Million to Phishing Actor

Car Rental Giant Sixt Facing Disruptions Due to a Cyberattack

Health Startup MyNurse to Shut Down After Data Breach Exposed Health Records

Indian Health Service Clinic (OK) Hit by Cyber Attack, Delaying Refills and Appointments

Ransomware Attack Shuts Down Kellogg Community College (MI)

Hackers Sneak Code Onto Oulu, Finland City Website to Mine Cryptocurrency

Google SMTP Relay Service Abused for Sending Phishing Emails

Dell Brings Data Recovery Tools to Apex and the Cloud

Microsoft Defender for Business Stand-Alone Now Generally Available


Russia’s Cyber Warfare Against Ukraine More Nuanced Than Expected

Hacktivists and Cybercriminals Wreak Havoc in Russia

Ukraine War Speeds up U.S. Cyber Agenda

FBI Conducted Potentially Millions of Searches of Americans’ Data Last Year, Report Says

Indian Gov’t Orders Organizations to Report Security Breaches Within 6 Hours to CERT-In

China Plans Reprieve for Tech Giants, Including Delaying New Rules, as Economy Slows

Microsoft Is Adding a Free Built-in VPN to Its Edge Browser

Applied for Student Aid Online? Facebook Saw You.

Krebs: You Can Now Ask Google to Remove Your Phone Number, Email or Address from Search Results

Google Gives 50% Bonus to Android 13 Beta Bug Bounty Hunters

Secret Texas School District Crypto Miner Resigns

A YouTuber Is Promoting DDoS Attacks on Russia — How Legal Is This?
Russian Hackers Compromise Embassy Emails to Target Governments

Russian Hacktivists Launch DDoS Attacks on Romanian Gov’t Sites

Nordic Hotels & Resorts Data Compromised

Breast Cancer Charity Exposed Sensitive Images of U.S. Patients

Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health Compromised by a Cyber Attack in 2021

Fei Protocol and Rari Capital Pools Hit By $80 Million Hack

Stablecoin DEX Saddle Finance Hacked for $10 Million

Online Library App Onleihe Faces Issues After Cyberattack on Provider

REvil Ransomware Returns: New Malware Sample Confirms Gang Is Back

Fake Windows 10 Updates Infect You With Magniber Ransomware

Open Source ‘Package Analysis’ Tool Finds Malicious NPM, PyPI Packages