The 2022 US Midterm Elections’ Top Security Issue: Death Threats

Senators Introduce Bi-Partisan Bill to Improve Defenses Against Quantum Computing Data Breaches

How Conti Ransomware Hacked and Encrypted the Costa Rican Government

Outlook Email Users Alerted to Suspicious Activity From Microsoft-Owned IP Address

Microsoft Starts Blocking Office Macros by Default, Again

Google Erroneously Blocks Site of Largest Computing Society, ACM, for Being ‘Harmful’

Hackers for Hire: Adversaries Employ ‘Cyber Mercenaries’

Krebs: Massive Losses Define Epidemic of ‘Pig Butchering’

Former Coinbase Employee Charged in Alleged Insider-Trading Scheme
Hackers Breached the Neopets Virtual Pet Community, Exposing Personal Data of 69 Million

Hackers Use Evilnum Malware to Target Cryptocurrency and Commodities Platforms

New Redeemer Ransomware Version Promoted on Hacker Forums

The Kronos Ransomware Attack: What You Need to Know So Your Business Isn’t Next

Chrome Zero-Day Used to Infect Journalists With Candiru Spyware

New Linux Malware ‘Lightning Framework’ Lets Attackers Install Rootkit on Targeted Systems

Windows 11 Now Blocks RDP Brute-Force Attacks by Default

The Market Is Teeming: Bargains on Dark Web Give Novice Cybercriminals a Quick Start

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