U.S. Approves Nearly All Tech Exports to China, Data Shows

How Geopolitical Tension Creates Opportunities for Cyber-Criminals

‘Worrying Precedent’ as Ransomware Hackers Target South Staffs Water

Lessons From the Cybersecurity Trenches

CISO Salaries Balloon 15% This Year, Likely Spurred by Demand

The New USB Rubber Ducky Is More Dangerous Than Ever

Malicious Browser Extensions Targeted Almost 7 Million People

Krebs: When Efforts to Contain a Data Breach Backfire

Trump’s Passports Returned After Mar-A-Lago Search, DOJ Official Says

U.S. SEC Charges Three People With Insider Trading Tied to August 2017 Hack of Equifax
CS:GO Trading Site Hacked to Steal $6 Million Worth of Skins

New MailChimp Breach Exposed DigitalOcean Customer Email Addresses

India Shipping Logistics Giant Shipyaari Exposed Customer Data

Conifer Hack Compromises Patient Data From 6 Hospitals

Thomas More University (KY) Hacked in Multiple Ways After Facebook Account Attack

Cedar Rapids School District Confirms Ransom Payment After July Cyber Attack

Texas Meter & Device Company Announces Data Breach

New Evil PLC Attack Weaponizes PLCs to Breach OT and Enterprise Networks

RTLS Systems Vulnerable to MiTM Attacks, Location Manipulation

ÆPIC and SQUIP Vulns in Intel and AMD Processors

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