Ukraine Warns of ‘Massive’ Russian Cyberattacks Against Critical Infrastructure

Occupied Regions of Ukraine Vote to Join Russia in Staged Referendums

Meta Dismantles Massive Russian Network Spoofing Western News Sites

Meta Busts First Chinese Campaign Prodding U.S. Midterms

Lazarus Group Targets MacOS Users Seeking Crypto Jobs

Walls Between Technology Pros and Customers Are Coming Down at Mainstream Companies

Samsung Sued for Gobbling up Too Much Personal Info That Miscreants Then Stole

Optus Hacker Apologizes and Allegedly Deletes All Stolen Data
Oxford Health: Cyber Attack Continues to Hit UK NHS Trust’s Services

Defense Giant Elbit Confirms Data Breach After Ransomware Gang Claims Hack

New NullMixer Malware Campaign Stealing Users’ Payment Data and Credentials

Microsoft Sway Pages Weaponized to Perform Phishing and Malware Delivery

Hackers Are Testing a Destructive New Way to Make Ransomware Attacks More Effective

WhatsApp Discloses Critical Vulnerability in Older App Versions

Amid Sweeping Change, Cyber Defenders Face Escalating Visibility — and Pressure

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