Ransomware is Being Used As a Precursor to Physical War: Ivanti

How Vice Society Got Away With a Global Ransomware Spree

Krebs: Battle with Bots Prompts Mass Purge of Amazon, Apple Employee Accounts on LinkedIn

FBI Warns Students Against Loan Forgiveness Scammers

74% Say Connected Cars and EV Chargers Need Cybersecurity Ratings

Biden to Announce Nearly $3 Billion for U.S. Battery Production in Electric Vehicle Push

President Biden Still Wants His Cybersecurity Labels on Those Smart Devices

Singapore, Germany to Mutually Recognise IoT Cybersecurity Labels

Corporate Cybersecurity Teams Continue to Struggle to Fill Jobs
Health System Data Breach Due to Meta Pixel Hits 3 Million Patients

Parler Accidentally Exposes Elite Members’ Email Addresses in Kanye Announcement

OldGremlin Ransomware Targeted Over a Dozen Russian Entities in Multi-Million Scheme

Hackers Using New Version of FurBall Android Malware to Spy on Iranian Citizens

New Ursnif Variant Likely Shifting Focus to Ransomware and Data Theft

Google Launches GUAC Open Source Project to Secure Software Supply Chain

Google Sued Over Biometric Data Collection Without Consent

Cybercriminals Jailed for Cryptocurrency Theft, Death Threats

8 Trends Driving Cybersecurity in the Public Sector

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