As Russia Wages Disinfo War, Ukraine’s Cyber Chief Calls for Global Anti-Fake News Fight

Researchers: Facebook and TikTok Approving Ads With ‘Blatant’ Misinformation About Voting in Midterms

TikTok Fires Back at Forbes, Denies Report of a Plan to Track Specific U.S. Citizens Using Its App

DC Attorney General: Don’t Use Facebook Messenger, Other Unencrypted Services for Abortion Planning

Tory Leadership: How Secure Is the Online Vote?

The Quiet ‘Insurrection’ the January 6 Committee Missed

How Billionaires Are Building a Right-Wing Online Ecosystem

Everything We Know About the White House’s IoT Security Labeling Effort

$228 Million Privacy Ruling Against Rail Giant Is ‘Wake-Up Call’ for Third-Party Risk

Clearview AI Gets Third €20 Million Fine for Illegal Data Collection

U.S. Gov’t Warns of Daixin Team Targeting Health Orgs With Ransomware

TommyLeaks and SchoolBoys: Two Sides of the Same Ransomware Gang

Schools Are Getting Hit Hard By Cyberattacks. What Can They Do About It?
New Phishing Campaign Targets Saudi Government Service Portal

Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization Says E-mail Was Hacked

Wholesale Giant METRO Hit by IT Outage After Cyberattack

Thousands of Publicly Exposed API Tokens Could Threaten Software Integrity

BlackByte Ransomware Uses New Data Theft Tool for Double-Extortion

Emotet Botnet Distributing Self-Unlocking Password-Protected RAR Files to Drop Malware

Android Adware Apps in Google Play Downloaded Over 20 Million Times

Typosquat Campaign Mimics 27 Brands to Push Windows, Android Malware

Thousands of GitHub Repositories Deliver Fake PoC Exploits With Malware

Hackers Exploit Critical VMware Flaw to Drop Ransomware, Miners

Exploited Windows Zero-Day Lets Javascript Files Bypass Security Warnings

Critical Flaw Reported in Move Virtual Machine Powering the Aptos Blockchain Network

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