RomCom Weaponized KeePass and SolarWinds Instances to Target Ukraine, Maybe UK

Cyber Threat Landscape Shaped by Ukraine Conflict, ENISA Report Reveals

TikTok Confirms Chinese Staff Can Access UK and EU User Data

Congressional Report Finds Health Care Sector ‘Uniquely Vulnerable’ to Cyber Attacks

New Crimson Kingsnake Gang Impersonates Law Firms in BEC Attacks

Researchers Find Links b/w Black Basta Ransomware and FIN7 Hackers

OPERA1ER APT Hackers Targeted Dozens of Financial Organizations in Africa

Soccer Fans, You’re Being Watched

Zurich and Mondelez Reach NotPetya Settlement, but Cyber-Risk May Increase

Economic Uncertainty Isn’t Stopping Cybercrime Recruitment — It’s Fueling It
OPERA1ER Hackers Steal Over $11 Million From Banks and Telcos

LockBit Ransomware Claims Attack on Continental Automotive Giant

Royal Mail Customer Data Leak Shutters Online Click and Drop

Cyber Incident at Boeing Subsidiary Jeppesen Causes Flight Planning Disruptions

DSB Danish Train Standstill on Saturday Caused by Cyber Attack

Ethos Group Confirms Recent Data Breach

Three Rivers Provider Network Confirms Data Breach Impacting Victims’ SSNs

North Idaho College Recovering From Cyberattack That Led to Network Shutdown

St. Luke’s Health (TX) Suffers Third-Party Data Breach, Unrelated to CommonSpirit Attack

New Clipboard Hijacker ‘Laplas Clipper’ Replaces Crypto Wallet Addresses With Lookalikes

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