Majority of U.S. Defense Contractors Not Meeting Basic Cybersecurity Requirements

Noem Orders TikTok Ban for South Dakota Government

China-Based Hackers UNC4191 Target Southeast Asia With USB-Based Malware

Cloudflare Finds a Way Through China’s Network Defences

North Korea Hackers Using New “Dolphin” Backdoor to Spy on South Korean Targets

Reformed Russian Cybercriminal Warns That Hatred Spreads Hacktivism

Google Moves to Block Invasive Spanish Spyware Framework

Ransomware, SMBs Remain Key Security Concerns Amidst Focus on Critical Infrastructures

Singapore Releases Blueprint to Combat Ransomware Attacks

Cybersecurity Researchers Take Down DDoS Botnet by Accident

LastPass’ Latest Data Breach Exposed Some Customer Information

Whistleblower Reports of Lax Cybersecurity Expected to Rise

Australian Parliament Passes Privacy Penalty Bill: Up to $50M Fines

San Francisco Lawmakers Approve Lethal Robots, but They Can’t Carry Guns

Shares of CrowdStrike Fall After ‘Disappointing’ Earnings, Morgan Stanley Says Buy the Dip

TransUnion Class Action Claims Insecure Information Storage Led to Data Breach
Keralty Ransomware Attack Impacts Colombia’s Health Care System

GoTo Says Hackers Breached Its Dev Environment, Cloud Storage

South Staffordshire (UK) Water Reveals Data Hack

Mena Regional Health System (AR) Suffers Data Breach; 85K Patients Impacted

French Electricity Provider Fined for Storing Users’ Passwords with Weak MD5 Algorithm

Ingalls & Snyder (NY) Files Notice of Data Breach Following Unauthorized Access to Network

Data Stolen in Ransomware Attack Against Guilford College (NC)

Crafty Threat Actor ‘CashRewindo’ Uses ‘Aged’ Domains to Evade Security Platforms

Android and iOS Apps with 15 Million Installs Extort Loan Seekers

Google Discovers Windows Exploit Framework Used to Deploy Spyware

Researchers Find a Way Malicious NPM Libraries Can Evade Vulnerability Detection

Sirius XM Flaw Unlocks So-Called Smart Cars Thanks to Code Flaw

Critical RCE Bugs in Android Remote Keyboard Apps With 2M Installs

High Severity Zero-Day Flaw Discovered in Quarkus Java Framework

New “Icefall” Bugs Include Critical DoS Flaw

NVIDIA Releases GPU Driver Update to Fix 29 Security Flaws

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