APT41 Hackers Linked to Chinese Government Stole Millions in COVID Benefits, Secret Service Says

Gunfire at Electrical Grid Kills Power for 45,000 in North Carolina

Syntax Errors Are the Doom of Us All, Including Botnet Authors

Adobe’s Postscript Programming Language Sparked a Revolution: Now You Can Check Out the Source Code

Big Tech and Its Critics Lash Out at Journalism Measure

Cyber Extortion Growing Exponentially in Africa, Middle East and China, Finds Orange

Swiss Digital Giant ABB to Pay $315m in Bribery Case

Sneaky Hackers Reverse Defense Mitigations When Detected

Cybersecurity Should Focus On Managing Risk
‘Team Mysterious Bangladesh’ Hackers Target Indian Education Entity

Iran-Backed APT42 Hackers Targeting Activists, Journalists, Politicians – HRW

French Hospital Halts Operations After Cyber-Attack

Dallas Central Appraisal District Hack Still Causing Issues, Tax Bills May Be Delayed for Thousands

Hackers Hijack Linux Devices Using PRoot Isolated Filesystems

Severe AMI MegaRAC Flaws Impact Servers From AMD, ARM, HPE, Dell, Others

Critical Ping Vulnerability Allows Remote Attackers to Take Over FreeBSD Systems

CISA Orders Agencies to Patch Exploited Google Chrome Bug by Dec 26th

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