U.S. Intelligence Chief: Parents ‘Should Be’ Concerned for Kids’ Privacy on TikTok

Facebook Parent’s Oversight Board Criticizes ‘Cross Check’ Program That Protects VIP Users

Russian Hackers Use Western Networks to Attack Ukraine

Microsoft Warns of Russian Cyberattacks Throughout the Winter

Microsoft: Hackers Target Cryptocurrency Firms Over Telegram

Swiss Government Wants to Implement Mandatory Duty to Report Cyber-Attacks

Suspects Arrested for Hacking U.S. Networks to Steal Employee Data

Krebs: Judge Orders U.S. Lawyer in Russian Botnet Case to Pay Google

Darknet’s Largest Mobile Malware Marketplace Threatens Users Worldwide

KmsdBot Botnet Is Down After Operator Sends Typo in Command

Fixing The Cybersecurity Staff Shortage: It’s Not Going to Be Easy

Applying the OODA Loop to Cybersecurity and Secure Access Service Edge
Chinese Hackers Target Middle East Telecoms in Latest Cyber Attacks

China-Based Hackers Target Amnesty International Canada

Massive DDoS Attack Takes Russia’s Second-Largest Bank VTB Offline

Antwerp’s City Services Down After Hackers Attack Digital Partner

Ransomware Gang Steals Employee and Customer Data From LJ Hooker

Snap Finance Files Notice of Data Breach

Little Rock Schools to Pay Hackers to End Ransomware Attack

Rackspace Confirms Ransomware Attack Behind Days-Long Email Outage

Open Source Ransomware Toolkit Cryptonite Turns Into Accidental Wiper Malware

Kali Linux 2022.4 Adds 6 New Tools, Azure Images, And Desktop Updates

Android December 2022 Security Updates Fix 81 Vulnerabilities

Samsung Galaxy S22 Hacked Twice on First Day of Pwn2Own Toronto

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