Krebs: New Ransom Payment Schemes Target Executives, Telemedicine

BEC Attacks Expand Beyond Email and Toward Mobile Devices

Critical Infrastructure: Attackers Keep Targeting the U.S. Electric Grid

North Carolina Power Grid Attack Exposes Vulnerabilities, Prompts Scrutiny of Other Recent Attacks

A Year Later, That Brutal Log4j Vulnerability Is Still Lurking

Activists Respond to Apple Choosing Encryption Over Invasive Image Scanning Plans

Advocacy Groups Make Last-Ditch Plea to Schumer for Vote on Antitrust Bills

LinkedIn Has a Fake Account Problem It’s Trying to Fix: Real Users Are Part of the Solution

Madoff Prosecutor: ‘Highly Unusual’ for Sam Bankman-Fried to Be Speaking Publicly

Huawei Licenses 5G Patents to Rival as U.S. Sanctions Force the Chinese Giant to Seek New Revenue

Tennessee Latest State to Block TikTok Access on Government Networks, Citing Cybersecurity

Australia Arrests ‘Pig Butchering’ Suspects for Stealing $100 Million
Hack-for-Hire Group ‘Evilnum’ Targets Travel and Financial Entities with New Janicab Malware Variant

Shows Will Go On at Met Opera Despite Cyber-Attack That Crashed Network

Cobalt Mirage Affiliate Uses GitHub to Relay Drokbk Malware Instructions

Truebot Malware Activity Increases With Possible Evil Corp Connections

Information of 360,000 People Affected in Ontario Vaccine Data Breach

Australia’s Telstra Suffers Privacy Breach, 132,000 Customers Impacted

Rackspace Warns of Phishing Risks Following Ransomware Attack

Antivirus and EDR Solutions Tricked Into Acting as Data Wipers

Researchers Detail New Attack Method to Bypass Popular Web Application Firewalls

Samsung Galaxy S22 Hacked in 55 Seconds on Pwn2Own Day 3

Hackers Earn $989,750 For 63 Zero-Days Exploited At Pwn2Own Toronto

43 Trillion Security Data Points Illuminate Our Most Pressing Threats

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