How the U.S. Has Helped Counter Destructive Russian Cyberattacks Amid Ukraine War

European Electricity Sector Lacks Cyber Experts as Ukraine War Raises Hacking Risks

North Korean ‘Kimsuky’ Hackers Impersonate Researchers to Steal Intel

Now Utah Governor Orders TikTok Ban for State Government Employees

NASA Chief: SpaceX Leader Says Elon Musk’s Twitter Drama Is ‘Nothing to Worry About’

The New Space Race Will Drive Innovation: Here’s Where It Goes Next

Survey Says: IT Security Teams, Business Execs Still Not on Same Page

Cloudflare’s Zero Trust Suite Now Available for Free to At-Risk Groups

Why You’ve Been Getting So Much Gmail Spam About Yeti Coolers

Japan, Australia to Bolster Cyber-Defenses, Maybe Offensive Capacity Too

Reconciling International Breach Reporting Rules Could Prove Challenging

UK Arrests Five for Selling ‘Dodgy’ Point of Sale Software After Joint Probe
Uber Suffers New Data Breach After Attack on Vendor, Info Leaked Online

Twitter Confirms Recent User Data Leak Is From 2021 Breach

CoinTracker Crypto Portfolio Software Suffers Data Hack

California Department of Finance Hit With Cybersecurity Threat, Investigation Underway

LockBit Claims

Play Ransomware Claims Attack on Belgium City of Antwerp

Crane Worldwide Logistics Leaked Social Security Numbers Following Data Breach

San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital (CA) Compromised Patient Info After Breach

Chaos RAT Used to Enhance Linux Cryptomining Attacks

New Python Malware Backdoors VMware ESXi Servers for Remote Access

Fortinet Says SSL-VPN Pre-Auth RCE Bug is Exploited in Attacks

Google Adds Passkey Support to Chrome for Windows, macOS and Android

Effective, Fast, and Unrecoverable: Wiper Malware Is Popping up Everywhere

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